MIMSAF LOGO_modifié-1Cardinal_LavigerieThe Society of the Missionaries of Africa is a missionary Society that has greatly contributed to the achievements of the Catholic Church in Zambia through its activities which are in line to the charisma of their founder Cardinal Lavigerie. Sisters, Priests, Brothers and lay associates are still contributing into the growth of the Kingdom of God as proclaimed by Jesus Christ.

There activities include:

  • Evangelization of God’s People
  • Formation of local clergy and Religious
  • Ecumenism and Inter-Religious dialogue through institutions like FENZA in Zambia and Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art in Malawi
  • Supporting the marginalised like the Home of Hope project in Misisi
  • Working for Justice & Peace and Integration of creation
  • Antislavery Campaign denouncing modern slavery trade in the world
  • Formation of new candidates to wish to become Missionaries of Africa in various Philosophical, Spiritual and Theological Centres.

Zambians of all various religious backgrounds have benefited from such works which have been mainly supported with external resources. Today, 24  Missionaries of Africa are Zambians and 31 candidates are at different stages of formation to become missionaries in other African countries in the same way as their predecessors did from Europe or America. Similarly, the Church in Zambia is encouraging Zambian families to fully participate in missionary works.

In the same vein, committed Christians related in one way or another with members of the Missionaries of Africa have founded a faith based organisation known as MIMSAF meaning “Missionaries with Missionaries of Africa”. This grouping is supporting Priests, Brothers, Sisters and seminarians engaged with the Missionaries of Africa for life. The challenges to maintain the flow of pastoral workers rely more and more on the dynamism of the African Church where the Missionaries are fulfilling their vocation.

Vitalis DeroIn Zambia, the Chaplain of MIMSAF is Father Vitalis Owino Dero, Kenyan, curate at Good Shepherd Parish, Kabwata, Lusaka.

The Publicity Secretary, Mr Joseph Kamanga (0977821289), can also be contacted for more details about the activities of MIMSAF.

2016 MIMSAF calendar now on sale at Woodlands. Please, contact MIMSAF Publicity Secretary Mr Joseph Kamanga.


3 thoughts on “MIMSAF

  1. Theresa Sikateyo

    We are so happy that at last we have managed to produce a liturgical calendar. We urge all members to remain focused and move MIMSAF forward.

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