Dimitri Boblouinde Yampa 02 2016_JPEGBy Dimitri Boblouindé Yampa, stagiaire in waiting.

Burkinabe, I completed my Novitiate in Kasama last July. I have been appointed to Dombe in Mozambique. It is now over a month that I am waiting for my visa. Documents were sent to Lusaka but sent back again to Mozambique because of further requirements such as certified papers. I must say, it is quite complicated to get a resident visa for that country.  

While waiting, I have learnt to be patient. I believe that this experience will help me throughout my missionary life. I am grateful to the whole team of the Provincial house. They have been so good to me. I have seen their dedication in helping me to get my visa. Besides, I feel being part of the community. I lead the prayers in the chapel, ready to help here and there, share my life experience with them. For sure, I feel at home. They took me as their younger brother and I consider them as my elder brothers. After all, missionary life is simple. It is about sharing the same mission rooted in the love of God and each other.

Community prayer, commitments, dedications and warm welcoming to whoever comes in Woodlands bring me happiness though my thoughts are in Mozambique. In other words, I learnt from my confreres the attitude of being available for the mission and to be at the service of others. May God bless us all and bless our mission in SAP Province.