Launching of the year dedicated to consecrated life – Marian Shrine – Lusaka, February 07, 2015

Banner finalThe official opening of the Year Dedicated to Consecrated Life in the Archdiocese of Lusaka was celebrated at the Marian Shrine in close accord with the Zambian Association of Sisters (ZAS), the Association of Religious Men in Zambia (ARMZ), the Association of the Diocesan Priests of Lusaka (AZADCC), the National Council for the Laity, the Pastoral Coordination of the Archdiocese of Lusaka and the National Joint Committee (NJC).

The happening attracted over 800 Religious, women and men, Diocesan Priests and Laity from every corner of the Diocese of Lusaka. The Congregations display an exhibition showing their charism.

Four speakers elaborated the theme dedicated to Consecrated Life and Development. Those were Father Freeborn Kikombwe, Sister Nsofwa, Father Leonard Namuvumba and Mister Kusiyo Mbikusita Lewanika.

As proposed by our Pope Francis, we look to the past with gratitude, we live the present with passion and we embrace the future with hope.


Mafrwestafrica – Lettre du 14 février 2015


Death of Father Louis Vielfaure, M. Afr.


  1. Bro Charles Kimeu SM

    Well done. Keep it up.

  2. Mutale Matilda

    It is good.

  3. Thomas Banda

    Thank you so much Fr. Serge. Job well-done.
    Thomas Banda

  4. Sister Grace Fundafunda

    This is good, thank you very much.

  5. Camille Konkobo, M.Afr

    To you, confreres Missionaries of Africa in Lusaka, to the Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (MSOLA), to MIMSAF members, I would like to say thank you so much for the contribution you brought during the launching of the “year of Consecrated life” in the archdiocese of Lusaka. It was during the same occasion that we had to exhibit few items as a family. “It is very exciting to see the ‘white fathers’ back in Zambia”. Comment of one of the participants who saw Fr. Romaric dressed in Gandurah (our missionary habit).
    The ‘Lavigerie Family’ tried and will continue working hand in hand to promote our missionary present in different part of the country. We always learn something from such gatherings. May the Father of us all continue sowing seed of unity and love in our hearts, so that we may spread peace, joy and justice in our milieu.
    Thanks a lot and blessed Lenten Season.
    Fr Camille Konkobo, M.Afr, Vocation and Missionary Animator, Zambia.

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