Merry and Holy Christmas and Happy New Year, from Sylvain Yaméogo, Edouard Morisson and Edgar Pillet

Merry ChristmasChers amis, Juste pour vous souhaiter à tous une bonne fête de Noël et une heureuse année 2015. Dear friends, Just to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year 2015. Sylvain Yaméogo, Missionnaire d’Afrique

To all the members of the SAP and especially the members of the Zambia Sector: I wish you all a Merry and Holy Christmas and Happy New Year. I have been happy to read the last Motomoto, especially to read what happens in Zambia and still happier to hear what concerns the diocese of Chipata. And I want to say thanks to Bernard Udelhoven and the Finger of Thomas for the seminar held in Lumimba Parish during the month of October (They must have sweated a lot!!!) Thanks also to the community of Kalongwezi: I can see that Jo, as a good fellow with good legs, is putting life and true joy in Navutika. I thank also the other members of Kalongwezi community for keeping on working in the Vinyard: Henk, Dave (my tween brother), Jean-Luc and others. I am happy to hear that a Preparatory Center is under construction near Chipata: sign of hope for the future.

As for me, poor exile in Paris, my heart is still in Zambia, as you can guess, though I try to put my heart in the little I do here.

When I pray the rosary, the last decade is always said in Tumbuka or in Nyanja for Zambia. And I am always delighted when I receive news from one or the other confrères still in Zambia.

Chiuta wamutuwiskeni mose…Mulungu akudalitseni inu nonse… God bless you all Edouard Morisson, M.Afr


I hope these few words will find you in a good health. I am always very happy to be able to read the news from SAP and also some news from Zambia through few friends. That help me to keep in contact and help me also in my prayers.

Here in Paris, I means in rue Friant, where I am since almost three years now, I am fine following my heart operation even if there is a few problems, but we do with them and I thank the Lord for all.

Here at rue Friant we have a small Zambian community with our students: Stanislas and Jones and Edouard and myself. Most of our visitors are from West Africa, very few from East.

Even in retirement I am still busy as responsible of the reception at our house. We are three or four cooperating in this work every day from 7 o’clock in the mourning up to 21 hours in the evening and this asked coordination. I am also secretary of the meetings of this community. I have also some other activities as for example the mass in the home for elderly and sick people, or the mass for the surrounding people in our chapel.

Another activity is, every Sunday evening from 17.30 hours to 20.15 hours, we are a small group of about 10 volunteers distributing food to poor people and strangers. Last Sunday we had nearly 400 meals to be given, a very substantial meal. But this start to be difficult for me because it is too long standing serving those people.

My best greeting to all and once more Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and may my prayers be a blessing to you from our Lord.

Père Edgar Pillet, Missionnaire d’Afrique


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  1. Roy Jules, M.Afr.

    Dear Friends, I am sending you from 180 Chemin Ste Foy, Québec my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I am still recovering from the blood clotting in my legs and I can help here and there in the community. I also visit my family and friends. I find winter time very hard. We have hardly eight hours of light because the sun rises at 7.30 hrs and sets at 4.00 hrs. God bless you all. Roy Jules

  2. Mathieu Van Vlierden, M.Afr.

    Hello dear Confreres,
    Many than ks for your e-amil and the Chrismas wishes. I also wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Joyful, Peaceful and prosperous new Year.May God bless you for the good work you are doing, Mathieu Van Vlierden

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