Abidjan copie
By Humphrey Mukuka
The day of 22 September 2013 was marked by various reasons for us to celebrate as a community of “Fraternité Lavigerie” of Abidjan. We were privileged to hold the official welcome of the new community members, the declaration of intent by the students of second year of theology, inauguration of our community project and finally the 53rd anniversary of independence of Mali. These and many other reasons made us proud to consider this day as extraordinary and as very significant. We waited impatiently for this day before it was finally accomplished. This day was especially designated as the official day of welcoming the new community members. We were very glad to receive ten confreres in our community which makes a community of 31 members in total. Before beginning the Eucharistic celebration, the new community members were greatly welcomed according to the Ivorian culture by giving them water to drink before asking their motif of coming to “Fraternité Lavigerie”. The rest of the community members were greatly overwhelmed when they heard that the ten came to live with them in order to form a community. The rector, Fr Georges-Jacques was so happy such that he welcomed them with very encouraging words. FULL TEXT