Sad news about the health of Clement Alekwe

Clement_AlekweOur confrere , who was part of the Lua-Luo noviciate in Kasama last year, has been diagnosed with cancer of the bones. He is undergoing radiation treatment in Nairobi which will last till the 10th May. After it, according to the results of another medical test, he will continue with chemotherapy. Even though Clement is a strong man, as we know him, this treatment is heavy on him. Let us unite our prayer for him that he may find health and strength once more.


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  1. Sebastien Kalengwe, MAfr

    May God be with you, Clement, in a special way during this particular difficult event of your life.

  2. Clement Alekwe

    Dear Clement,
    Greetings from Woodlands
    It is with sadness that we have received news of your health here in Zambia and the SAP at large.
    On the other hand we thank the good Lord that the doctors are dealing with the situation. Our prayer is that these efforts will bring your health back.
    Be assured of the fact that we are with you in thought and prayers during this difficult time. The Lord Himself is the only one who can also give us consolation and meaning to events that seem to go beyond our human comprehension.
    God bless you Clement.
    Fraternally yours.
    Christopher Chileshe

    Hello Chris,
    Thank you very much for this email, for your words of encouragement and prayers. They are very much needed and appreciated during this painful moment. I have received similar words of encouragement and prayers from quite a good number of SAP Confreres and I know that a lot more are praying for me. As I’m not able to respond to them due to the aches and pains and fatigue, please, do convey my heartfelt gratitude to one and all.
    Clement Alekwe

  3. A very special priest who touched my life very deeply while Parish Priest at Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church in South B, Nairobi, Kenya. I continue to pray for God’s healing hand in your situation. Judith Ayesa

  4. Norah Winfred Aswani

    Father clement was a strong pillar for me at our lady queen of peace south B. It was because of father clement that a found hope to live for another day. I continue praying to the almighty to restore his health because he always prayed for me in time of need. Father clement GOD LISTENS.

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