Composition of the new SAP Provincial Council.

Stanislas_LubunboProvincial: Stanley Lubungo

MALAWI: Michel Sanou, Robert Tebri, Filiyanus Ekka and Michel Côté

MOZAMBIQUE: Boris Yabre, Julian Kasiya, Hugh Seenan and Fidel Salazar

SOUTH AFRICA: Raymond McQuarrie and Deogratius Ngowi

ZAMBIA: Venerato Babaine, Francis Bomansaan, Romaric Bationo, Alfred Awogya and Benjamin Itungabose

Note: Underlined and in bold is the Provincial and the Delegate Superior of the Sector. In bold is the second Provincial councillor from the sector. Zambia is yet to choose this second councillor. All the other confreres are substitutes of their respective Sector.

The Provincial together with the new Delegate Superiors and their second councillors will have their first meeting will take place on 22nd till 24th July in Woodlands, Lusaka.

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SAP Provincial Council Meeting, Chipoka, Malawi 20th – 24th April 2015

The meeting took place at the newly built Chitsulo Lodge on the lake shore of Lake Malawi at Chipoka, 30 km south of Salima. The Lodge was built by the Diocese of Dedza as an income generating project which seems to be quite successful.

PC-Meeting-Chipoka-April-2015-14bThe meeting lasted four days between the 21st and the 25th April with a day break on Wednesday. Fr. Jos Kuppens inaugurated the first day with a condense session on Training For Transformation (TFT). The presentation of the ‘Pastoral Cycle’ was greatly appreciated. We should expect more commitments from Justice & Peace and Encounter/Dialogue in this field.

The eleven participants from all SAP Sectors worked intensively from 8:30 till 18:00 every day with a break between lunch time and 15:00.

Thanks to the Sector of Malawi which hosted the meeting.

Were present: Christopher Chileshe (Provincial), Timothée Bationo (First Councillor and Delegate Superior of Mozambique), Philippe Docq (Delegate Superior of South Africa), Oswald Mallya (Delegate Superior of Zambia), William Turnbull (Delegate Superior of Malawi), Michel Sanou (Councillor, Malawi), Richard Ujwigowa Bikerong’a (Councillor, Mozambique), Romaric Bationo (Councillor, Zambia), Raymond McQuarrie, (Councillor, South Africa), Karl Kälin (Provincial Treasurer) and Robert Tebri (Rector Lechaptois).

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Latest news about the health situation of some of our confreres

Faustin Kerumbe shaking hands with Marc Nsanzurwimo
Faustin Kerumbe shaking hands with Marc Nsanzurwimo

Marc Nsanzurwimo was admitted on Monday the 9th to Hilltop Hospital in Lusaka for appendicitis. The surgery took place at 15 hours and was successfully performed within 40 minutes by Dr. Tembo. Marc is recovering well and is expected to be release by tomorrow the 12th.

Didasio Mwanza is doing fine progress. He saw the doctor as foreseen on Monday the 9th and it was positive.
An X-ray was taken and, if these confirm solid union, he will give a go ahead for a return to Zambia. Nevertheless, we would advise Didasio to move slowly back to normal life. He has been mostly resting and lying with one or two walks a day. Now he has to do exercise to strengthen the muscles of his shoulders and neck. We think that he should take advantage of the supportive environment that he finds in South Africa to take it easy and visit some of our confreres to enhance a full physical, moral and spiritual recovery.
News about Didasio sent by Didier Lemaire in Edenglen
Christopher Chileshe had a surgery last week in India for a prostate cancer. He is recovering well but will need time to recover properly. Let us also pray for him as well as Marc, Didasio and all the confreres who are facing health problems.
Thanks for everyone who spend time and resources in helping our sick confreres where ever they are; in India, in South Africa and Zambia. Please, let us know if someone else is experiencing similar ordeal so as to join our prayer together.

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