Priestly ordination of Konrad Simon Millanzi, M.Afr in Tanzania.

ordination-konrad-millanzi-01konrad-simon-millanzi-2016_jpegBy Konrad Simon Millanzi, M.Afr

My ordination was on 15th December 2016 at St. Walburg church, Nyangao Parish, by Bishop Bruno Pius Ngonyani of Lindi diocese, Tanzania. About 19 confreres and students came to support me with two MSOLA Sisters. Thanks for your presence. They were led by Bartholomew Mrosso, Provincial Delegate for Tanzania together with Hugh Seenan from Mozambique, Faustin Kerumbe and Deogratias Ngowi from South Africa and my brother Lawrence Tukamushaba from Zambia. His family in Uganda took care of me during my studies there.

I also got support from 25 diocesan priests. Among them were my five senior priests from Nyangao parish namely Fr. Achiula, Fr. Chijinga, Fr. Hokororo, Fr. Mpiri and Fr. Nkane, O.S.B. We are now six priests from Nyangao Parish. Other priests came from Ndanda Abbey and many more from various local congregation of Sisters.

A Thanksgiving Mass was celebrated at the church of St. Walburg on 18th December followed by a large gathering.

I would like to give thanks to God and all the people who have helped me in one way or the other to respond YES to God’s call.

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2 thoughts on “Priestly ordination of Konrad Simon Millanzi, M.Afr in Tanzania.

  1. Gerda Slaghekke

    Dear padri Conrad Simon, Hongera Padri , what a joy to have a new brother missionary of Africa. Do congratulate your family and friends; I am a msola but forgot swahili …was very happy living and witnessing in dear Tanzania for about 25 years from 1960-1990, for the last years I directed the CTC in Kasulu Kigoma. My prayers may acompany you dear brother and hope you may experience Gods great loving care for you and for those entrusted to your ministry. The present world is so much in need of loving people may you be one . Sr Gerda Slaghekke (msola)

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