Testimony of Antoon Oostveen about Father Antoon Coninx (+2016).

00-pierre-lafollie-sap-blog-nov-2016Father Coninx loved his missionary life. He was a man of great talents: artist painting and sculptor as much as a good writer. He animated groups of artists in Lusaka. He also set up the communication department in CATHSEC (Catholic Secretariat) including a magazine, T.V. documentaries for the national broadcast ZNBC and YATSANI Radio.

Father Coninx was a good preacher, an excellent pianist and a computer expert. He laid out numerous magazines and booklets. Unfortunately, like his mother, he spent his last years with the Alzheimer disease.

Here some pictures of Father Coninx and some of his achievements. Note that a mistake was published in one of previous pictures at the farewell party of Father Pierre Lafollie.

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