Blessings of a new library at Lechaptois Formation House, Balaka, Malawi.

new-library-balaka-nov-2016-01By Robert Tebri, Rector.

A new library has been built in Balaka Formation Centre to cater for an annual average of 35 candidates. The former library became too small after receiving the entire philosophy section of the then Arusha First Phase Centre in Tanzania which has been transformed into a spiritual year.

The project took a bit more than eight months to be completed. Both staff and candidates are expressing their gratitude for the beautiful house of knowledge that will serve for many generations to come.

The people of Kapalamula and Kanyama villages that welcomed the Missionaries of Africa Formation House of philosophy have been experiencing water problems for some time now. A couple of years ago, the problem was so acute that the formation house started sharing their water with them. But this was not going to continue forever with the risk of running out of water for the house. Through the confreres in Canada, some funds were found to make two boreholes for the two villages of about 50 families.

By Kelvin Mutalala, student.

The 12th November, 2016, was the blessing and official opening of the new library at Lechaptois Formation House. The day was coloured by a joyful celebration from the people of Kapalamula Village who got two boreholes. Furthermore, it was the birthday of Father Sylvain Yameogo.

The entire ceremony was spearheaded by Father Kamanga, Bishop Secretary of Mangochi Diocese. He blessed the boreholes and handed them over to the Kapalamula community. In their prayers, the people thanked the Lord for the gift of water and also prayed for those who are still in dying need of clean and safe water. Chief Kapalamula gave a vote of thanks to the Missionaries of Africa for helping them.

SONY DSCEveryone proceeded to Lechaptois Formation House for the blessing of the new library. After few songs and the opening prayer, Father Robert Tebri thanked the Lord for such a beautiful building. He welcomed all the priests, different Religious Congregations and all other guests. Among them were Father Felix Phiri, Provincial, Father Michel Sanou, renewed Provincial Delegate of Malawi, Father John Itaru, Provincial Treasurer and Father Paul Namono, Delegate Treasurer for Malawi. Then, Father Kamanga cut the ribbon, opened the door, entered into the library and blessed the books and the rooms.

A Thanksgiving Mass ended the day which saw the Kapalamula community acquiring two boreholes, the students having a new library and Father Sylvain Yameogo celebrating his birthday. In his homily, Father Kamanga stressed on the importance of perseverance and sacrifice for the fulfilment of the common good. Finally, Father Piet van Hulten closed this memorable day with a word of thanks.

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