Cross-cultural course experience in Tamale, Nyankpala, Ghana.

patrick-kalonji-cross-cultural-nov-2016By Patrick Kalonji Kadima (M.Afr, Stagiaire)

I spent one month, from September 4 till 30, at the Tamale Institute of Cross Cultural Studies (TICCS) for a cultural introduction course which was based on introducing its participants to the diversity of ethnic groups and languages in Ghana. It included the “do’s and don’ts”, Chiefs and politics, ethno-linguistic groups, cross-cultural spirituality and cross-cultural differences, conflict resolution and Islam in Ghana today. Adding to it were: dynamics of African Traditional Religion (ATR), kinship systems and gender roles and social change in Ghana, Christianity in Northern Ghana, as well as witchcraft mentality, friendship, cross-cultural communication and language learning.

The above mentioned topics aimed at providing the basic capacity and understanding to the participants for ministering or do pastoral work in various cultures in Ghana. This one-month course was not only pleasant and attractive but also it uplifting my awareness, activated my presence and full participation when I was feed more and more on the dynamic aspect of cross-cultural values.

Moreover, through one’s presence in such an adventure, one benefits already. All these topics are interrelated in such a way that they become instruments or tools to develop our various goals in our future mission in view of facilitating our relationship with the local people and enhance their lives.

Through the lenses of cross-culture, one observes that there is an enrichment relationship. This is to say, even the one ministering or doing pastoral work finds and discovers that he or she is improving her or his own life, hence he or she finds fulfilment.

The course at TICCS also provided us with the skills, drills and techniques to learn a new language. As one of my fellow compatriots, Benezet Bujo once said; “Language is one of the capital elements that cannot be neglected.” Consequently, I will not neglect learning Dagbani without which my pastoral experience will be limited. I am open and ready to experiment a vision of life which is different from my own culture.

In few days to come, I will be going for my language course in one of the villages. As I am preparing myself and feel equipped enough with my experience at TICCS, Dagbani will be my first African language that I will sit down and concentrate on learning. I wish to speak it like a native speaker. I know that it is not a Bantu language, but I am willing to put much effort into it. May the almighty God, who blew on the Apostles the Holy Spirit to speak in various languages, blow in me as He did with them.

I thank God for all the wonders He keeps on performing in my life. Countless thanks to the Province of Ghana-Nigeria and to the Sector of Ghana for making it possible that I undergo such a course. Many thanks are due to Fr. Clement, the stagiaires’ Coordinator. I cannot forget the Director of TICCS, Fr. Joshua SVD, the staff members of TICCs, and my course mates. Lastly, my thanks would be incomplete if I fail to thank the members of my community at St Monica Parish. Yes, we can!!! 

Lavigerie’s Day in Mozambique

lavigeries-day-2016-02The Sector of Mozambique decided to celebrate the Lavigerie’s Day on the 25th November 2016 even though the yearly commemoration is on the 26th. We all met, confreres and stagiaires, at the Sector House in Beira. 

We had a talk about the Post-Capitular Acts in the morning. It was an interesting sharing about our vision as a Society for the coming years. In the afternoon, Padre Hugh Seenan gave a short history of our presence in Mozambique from May 1946 up to now, meaning 70 years this year. Pierre Lukusa presided Mass for the Cardinal in the evening. We were joined by two SVDs, one of whom, Fr Philly, was celebrating his birthday, and two FMMs.

The day finished with a lovely meal organised by Bosco Nigibira. It was a perfect finish to a lovely day.

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Missionary Oath and Ordination of Michael Mpindo, Peter Nyirenda, Fredrick Mulenga Chungu and Martin Kasongo in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

oath-diaconate-abidjan-nov-2016-bBy Mpindo Michael, M.Afr

On behalf of all the SAP students, with praise and gratitude to Almighty God, I am writing cordially to thank you all for your generous support and would like to inform you that the fraternity Lavigérie of Abidjan invites you on Saturday December 10 to the Missionary Oath and Ordination of the following SAP students:

Michael Mpindo (Brother)            Peter Nyirenda (Deacon)

Fredrick Mulenga Chungu (Deacon)          Martin Kasongo (Deacon)

We are happy and consoled by the fact the Lord knows how to work and how to act even with insufficient tools and by his grace and especially through your prayers. In the joy of the resurrected Lord, trustful of his permanent help, we go ahead, sure that God will help and Mary his most beloved mother stands on our side (Pope Benedict XVI).

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The beginning of the academic year 2014-2015 at Fraternité Lavigerie of Abidjan