Sharing in the Joy of Children.

sharing-in-the-joy-of-children-03b2“…. let the little children come to me….,” Jesus said.

By Sister Vickness Nangogo Muleya (MSOLA).   

It is now coming to the end of the year. So many things have been and have come to pass. It was a busy year with so many deadlines to meet. It was always rush hours, everybody was busy to meet their own demands and requests. However, this did not leave the children out them too inclusive.

It is in this view that I wish to share with you a bit about what I am involved in at the Parish where I am working. Since I arrived, I have been involved in many different programmes and activities such as Caritas, Pastoral and Education activities. It is from the later that I want to share with you this particular aspect of the Kindergarten.

On each particular day, I could see the little ones at our Kindergarten in the grounds of the Parish coming very early in the morning to school being brought by their parents and guardians and going back home late in the afternoon. Imagine how busy their childhood is? They have not much time left for themselves because upon reaching home they are bathed, fed and it is time for home work! So this is the children’s daily routine for those in kindergartens.

Nonetheless, on the 13th of October, I was lucky to be among those who accompanied the children for “a day out to children’s play pack”. This was to facilitate at least a day out for the children after so much hard work by them! After so many exams and tests, they needed to relax, to play and be away from everything for a day!

I was so happy to be among the children, so joyous and glorious, full of laughter and innocence they were! We started our trip around 9 in the morning and by 10:30 we were at the place but before that the children were led into prayer to entrust our day into the Lord. On the way the children sang and made all kinds of joyful noise, they were very excited and looking forward. This was amazing. Before I could realise it, I was also jumping and singing with them and doing all kinds of crazy things children do, you can imagine!

So whilst there we ensured that our children had a special mark to be identified with because there were many other children from other kindergartens around the city of Dar-es- Salaam. We gathered them under a big tree and arranged ourselves in readiness to start the relaxing, playing, etc. The team ensured that all the children participated in all the activities. Oh what a wonder to see all the children enjoying themselves! Some were afraid with certain activities at the beginning but when they got used to the mood of the day they did not want to stop. The most of all was when we went into the pools. Practically, the pools were especially well prepared for children, the very small kids just went under heavy showers which eventually made a very low pool down. My goodness come and see the little ones diving and jumping up and down under these showers and in this little pool! I told myself maybe that is why Jesus said, if you want to enter the Kingdom of God you have to become like little children!

It is very easy to make a child content and happy with very little things!  After the swimming, we had our lunch and after we gathered our children and headed home, this time there was not much excitement and noise because now they were tired and content. Therefore, upon entering and sitting in the bus the kids were all sleeping! When we reached the Parish we found their parents waiting for them. After ensuring that all were safe in the hands of their parents we all dispersed to our respective homes tired but happy!      

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