Death of Petronella Mubanga, sister of our confrere John C. Mubanga.

john-mubanga-2015-jpgYesterday afternoon, 21st October, around 16:30 when I was just preparing to go for Mass, I received a call from home that my sister Petronella Mubanga (Bana Chitoshi) passed away at 13:30 in Mandevu, Lusaka, Zambia. She was the first born in the family and when I was growing up, she contributed a lot to making sure that I finish my school since our parents were not working then. She contributed also a lot during my ordination in Zambia even though she was very sick at that time. Petronella has left four children. 

Remember her in your prayers. May Almighty God in his infinite goodness welcome her in his Kingdom. Amen.    John C. Mubanga, M.Afr

12 thoughts on “Death of Petronella Mubanga, sister of our confrere John C. Mubanga.

  1. Michel Meunier, M.Afr.

    My sincere condolences for the passing of your dear sister. We pray for her eternal rest and for you and your family. Michel Meunier, M.Afr & Edenglen community.

  2. Bill Moroney, M.Afr.

    ​Dear John, May your sister Petronella rest in Peace. I pray for her and her family. We believe that she is with Jesus and Mary in the joy and peace of God’s loving mercy. I pray for you and your family that our faith that one day we will all be reunited in God’s Love give us consolation during this time of pain and sadness. In Christ, Bill Moroney

  3. Dave Cullen, M.Afr

    ​To John, indeed I shall remember Petronella in my prayers, asking the Lord to take her into the limitless joy he had surely prepared for her; and I will also ask him to be with you and all your family, giving you comfort and strength at this time of great sadness. Dave Cullen, M.Afr

  4. Jean de Dieu Bukuru, M.Afr

    May God receive her in His eternal peace and bliss. United in spirit and prayer. My heartfelt condolences dear brother.

  5. Jean-Luc Gouiller, M.Afr.

    Sorry for the death of the sister of John Mubanga. United with him and the family in their great sorrow. Jean-Luc Gouiller

  6. Joe McMenamin, M.Afr.

    Very sad news about the death of your beloved sister Petronella. May she rest in Peace. We will indeed remember her in our community prayers we also pray for you and your family in this time of sorrow. What a sad loss and especially for the children! Joe McMenamin, M.Afr

  7. John C. Mubanga, M.Afr

    Big thank-you to you all my brothers for your heartfelt sympathy during this moment of grief. She was buried on Sunday. Thank-you very much and stay blessed. John C. Mubanga

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