Death of Francis Konkobo, father of Fr Camille Konkobo, M.Afr

mr-francis-konkobo-father-of-camilleWith sorrow, I announce the death of the father of our confrere Camille Konkobo, M.Afr (our Vocation Promoter). His father, Francis Konkobo, Burkinabe, passed on yesterday morning in Ouagadougou. The late Francis leaves behind eight children and a widow. Camille is the third born of the eight children. Francis died a day after his birthday anniversary on 05/10/2016. He was 70 years old. He has been diabetic for a few years which has been under management by clinicians.

Camille left Chipata this morning (October 06). Now, Camille is airborne on the way to Burkina aboard ET Airlines. The burial will be on Saturday.

Camille go with our fraternal prayers and heart-felt condolences. May the soul of Francis meet St. Francis who will introduce him to the banquet of the Lord where good ones of the Lord go.

Venerato Babaine, M.Afr, Provincial Delegate of Zambia

6 thoughts on “Death of Francis Konkobo, father of Fr Camille Konkobo, M.Afr

  1. Pascal Maré, M.Afr

    Very sad news. May out beloved dad rest in peace. We will keep him in prayers and may the good Lord be the consolation of the Family. Sá de tripeJamil. Pascal Maré, M.Afr in Mozambique.

  2. Francis Kangwa, M.Afr

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. May the soul of our beloved dad rest in peace. May God grant mum and the whole family strength during these trying moments. Our hope always remains in the Lord our life and Saviour.

  3. My sincere condolences, dear Camille. May your father rest in eternal peace. I join you and the entire family in prayer during this difficult moment. Our strength is in the name of the Lord. Courage!

  4. Gerda Slaghekke

    Dear Fr.Camille, in my prayer, I specially want to wish you, your mother and family, consolation, deep faith and strength. All we can do is being close in sisterly prayer and love, at our retired age; may Mary our Mother be close. Sr Gerda.

  5. Père André Simonart, M.Afr

    Kindly convey my fraternal condolences to Camille Konkobo on the passing away of his father, the assurance of prayers for his father as well as for his mother, himself, his brothers and sisters. I remember his father as a kind and dedicated person, who has served the White Fathers faithfully and diligently. May he now rest in peace, receiving the reward for a life well lived.

  6. Guido Stuer

    Dear Camille, I am united with you and your family and pray for you , may God receive your father in his kingdom.
    When I pray “our father” I think especially about your father. Have courage , we are with you all. Guido Stuer, in Rome session.

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