Death of father Didier Michon, M.Afr

didier-michon-2016On the 5th September, Didier was at the reception hall, Friant Street. As Mass was starting at 11:30, the main celebrant, looking for the key of the tabernacle, went to see Didier but found him lying unconscious on the floor. He was brought to a nearby hospital and died at 1:30 on the 6th September.

Didier spent many years as a missionary in Zambia and South Africa. He was 81 years old, 55 as a missionary. The funerals took place in Paris on the 9th September. May his soul rest in peace.

Picture of the funerals of Didier Michon in France


4 thoughts on “Death of father Didier Michon, M.Afr

  1. Dimitri Yampa

    Sorry for that and condolence to his family and to the white father’s may his soul rest in eternal peace.

  2. didasio

    He was a great missionary of Faith. So attentive to confreres. I keep good memories of how he took care of me when I was sick in hospital in South Africa. He taught me that the greatest treasure of the society is not money, or land or buildings, but confreres. He made my bed and he took me for therapeutic walks almost every day. Didier, may your Soul Rest in Peace. You promised that you would visit Chipata Diocese before your departure and I informed bishop George of Chipata Diocese about it. We were waiting for you. You have visited us differently. Pray for us and know that you were a treasure to many souls and you touched many lives by your simplicity. Rest In the peace of our Lord.

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  4. Julian Kasiya

    You always made us feel really at home at Edenglen. No wonder you left so sweet memories wherever you served. Good and faithful Servant of God, now Rest in the bosom of your Master. RIP. Julian Kasiya, Tete, Mozambique.

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