New SAP Provincial

Felix Phiri 03Greetings from Rome.

I am delighted to announce that SAP has a new Provincial Superior! Fr Felix Phiri has been appointed as the new Provincial of SAP from 1st September 2016 to 30th June 2019.

Congratulations to all of you for your voice and participation in this appointment. I would also like to congratulate Felix and especially thank him for accepting the appointment.

Many thanks to all for your collaboration and dedication to the mission entrusted to our Society in Southern Africa. It had taken me time to move to the Provincial House and I had to go out as soon as I moved there! But mission continued thanks to the commitment of each one of you. I take this opportunity to thank all the Provincial Delegates for their leadership. I pray that the same spirit of mutual support, collaboration and oneness continues as the new Provincial who is presently in Nairobi prepares to join the Province.

Congratulations to all and God bless you.


Stanley Lubungo (Outgoing Provincial)

11 thoughts on “New SAP Provincial

  1. Claude Galmiche

    Félicitations à Felix Phiri pour sa nomination à Lusaka. Mulungu akudaliteni. Ndinakalamba, koma mutu ukaliko bwino pangono.
    Abambo Galmiche. Kodo muli pa SKYPE?

  2. Paul Kateule

    Congratulations Felix Phiri for accepting to be our provincial. May the Almighty God and loving Father be with you as you commence the newly entrusted mission.

  3. J.-P. Sauge, M.Afr

    Congratulations for your appointment as provincial for SAP and thanks for accepting the job.
    It touches me to remember that, together with Christopher Chileshe and Stan Lubungo, you are among the first fruits of Late Province of Zambia and all three of you have become the first provincials of SAP. Mwabombeni! I also remember that I had the privilege to attend the first masses of all three of you. Lesa Mukolokolo e kutila wa mano na maka.
    As a former Regional of Zambia, I wish you courage, steadfastness and wisdom. And, in this year of mercy, I wish you to be merciful to your brothers and … to yourself.
    God bless!
    Fraternally, J.-P. Sauge, M.Afr

  4. Thierry Uyirwoth

    Congratulations Father Felix for your new mission. We pray for you. After meeting you in Kasama, I was already seeing you being a Provincial, a Superior General, a Bishop,… one day. God has listened to my prayer. May he continue leading you in the new mission which he has given you. Mulungu akudalisteni!

  5. Marc Nsanzurwimo, M.Afr

    Mwabombeni Bambo Felix. I guess it was not easy to accept the new responsibility. But vox populi meant vox Dei. Our prayers accompany you. Marc.

  6. Felix J. Phiri, M.Afr

    Sincere thanks to you all for the congratulatory messages. This is indeed ‘a school of detachment’ for me. It being the will of many confreres, I could not but give in. As I temporarily leave behind the familiar territory for an unknown one, the assurance of your continual fraternal friendship and by the grace of God Almighty, I feel encouraged to make this new step. I hope to regain the Province by the end of this month, time to properly do the necessary handovers this side. May the Lord who has called us to be his co-workers in the vineyard continue to be our source of strength and inspiration. Felix J. Phiri

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