Invitation for Priestly Ordination.

The Society of the Missionaries of Africa and the Family of Mr. Barnabas Ogato and Mrs. Prisca Moraa is pleased to invite you to the Priestly ordination of their son Rev. Deacon Douglas Momanyi Ogato on the 29th July 2016 at Kisii town parish by his Lordship Joseph Mairura Okemwa, Bishop of Kisii Diocese.  

Fr. John Aserbire, Assistant Provincial, EAP (On behalf of the Provincial Secretary EAP)


One thought on “Invitation for Priestly Ordination.

  1. Gerda Slaghekke

    Today I want to say:CONGRATULATION DEAR BROTHER CONRAD. In swahili we say HONGERA KAKA. I am a MSOLA , now being of age in a care home but promise you our sincere prayers for all your family and wishing you a very fruitful apostolate. The Martyrs of Ugande will be with us too, so a VERY HAPPY CELEBRATION! United in sisterly affection and prayer, Sister Gerda (MSOLA)

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