My Jerusalem experience.

Emmanuel Mambwe in galilee 01b2By Emmanuel Mambwe Chishala, M.Afr.

We were twenty-three people to attend the course in Jerusalem which ended last week; nine sisters, one lay woman, one brother and twelve priests from Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, Singapore, Ireland, Portugal, Philippines, Poland and India.

I was graced with the following four most important wonderful experiences. Firstly, the fruitful break from the busy parish work. Secondly, the well time spent in visiting the holy places, especially the week we spent in Galilee. Thirdly, a relaxed Bible course both in the Old and New Testaments with special attention to Genesis, Job, the Gospels and the letters of St. Paul. Finally, the thirty days retreat which gives you time to evaluate your personal prayer and commitment to Gods’ calling.

I had time to pray, reflect and renew my body, spirit and soul. I’m so thankful to God and my Society to have given me this opportunity to be in Israel. I do appreciate my confreres doing this service to many people. The community of St. Anne made it possible for us to seriously re-energise my calling and commitment to the Good News of our Lord Jesus.

My highest point of my stay was the passion walk at night from St. Anne, the Gethsemane garden, the palace of Pilate, the Golgotha and finally the tomb of Jesus. Yes! It happened and now I’m so encouraged believing and wish to share more of my wonderful experience with others. May God bless Africa and our missionary Society.

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3 thoughts on “My Jerusalem experience.

  1. Peter Chama

    That was Awesome Father Mambwe!!! Hope to see you again in Zambia, may God continue to show you more things that will help you to grow your faith.

  2. Jacques Bédard, M.Afr

    Greetings from Quebec. I read with interest your Jerusalem experience. It was a great grace and a marvelous gift offered by the Society. You accepted the gift and the challenge,congratulations! I am sure that you will remember this time spent in the Holy Land all your life. Jacques Bédard, M.Afr

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