New CD of St. Peter’s Main Choir – Serenje Catholic Church, Zambia

St. Peter's Main Choir - Serenje

St. Peter's Main Choir - Serenje2Title: : Let’s praise You.

Songs: 1. You who serve the Lord. 2. The body of Jesus. 3. Confession. 4. Praises. 5. Father, I have overcome the world. 6. He is blessed. 7. My child. 8. You, our God, care for us. 9. Let’s praise You. 10. I send you. 11. He is born. 12. You God, come! Note: all the songs are in Chibemba.

The CD is a thanksgiving for 53 years of presence of the Missionaries of Africa in Serenje, Zambia. Currently in Serenje are Father Saju Jose Akkara, Indian, Deacon Douglas Ogato, Kenyan, and Innocent Majune Iranzi, Congolese.