Appointment of Thomas Pouya and and Konrad Millanzi to SAP

Thomas and KonradWe are happy to inform you that our Superior General, Father Richard Baawobr, has appointed to SAP Province Deacons Thomas Pouya from Burkina Faso and Konrad Millanzi from Tanzania. Thomas and Konrad are finishing their Fourth Phase formation in Nairobi and South Africa respectively. Both of them did their pastoral experience in SAP. They will be joining us later this year after their ordination to the priesthood. We wish them success in their studies and welcome them back to SAP already!

Stanley Lubungo, SAP Provincial

8 thoughts on “Appointment of Thomas Pouya and and Konrad Millanzi to SAP

  1. Geoffrey Mucani

    Wow!! Congratulations to our brothers Thomas et Konrad!!! May God help them in the mission ahead of them! We pray for each other! Geoffrey Mucani

  2. Carvalho Assamo

    Greetings from Jean XXIII parish, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. I am very happy to know that the two theologians are appointed back to SAP. May the Good Lord bless them. Carvalho Assamo

  3. Baptiste Mapunda, M.Afr

    Good to have Millanzi he comes from a benedictine tradition as I do and in a Muslim area. Fr. Baptiste Mapunda, M.Afr

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