Death of the mother of Marc Nsanzurwimo, M.Afr in Burundi

Marc Nsanzurwimo_2012_BFrom Marc Nsanzurwimo, M.Afr

With sadness and gratitude, I announce to you the passing over of our dear mother Monique Babonangenda last Friday morning (5th February 2016). She was 75 years of age. Since 2012, she was suffering from a light stroke which made difficult the movements of both the right leg and hand. She had given birth to ten of us (all of us are still alive), of whom I am the eldest, i.e., 6 ladies and 4 men, 21 grand daughters and grandsons and 1 great grandson. I thank the Lord for her exemplary life, her strong faith, her dedication to the family and her welcoming attitude to all who have shared the earthly pilgrimage. I am happy I was able to be near her the last months of her life especially to celebrate the Eucharist which accompanied her as she was crossing the threshold to heaven. May she enjoy peace and love with the Lord of life.

18 thoughts on “Death of the mother of Marc Nsanzurwimo, M.Afr in Burundi

  1. Bill Moroney, M.Afr

    I am sorry to hear of the death of your mother. May she rest in the peace and joy of Jesus and Mary our mother. I pray for you and your brothers and sisters and their families during this time of sorrow. It is a great sorrow to lose a mother and grandmother. We give thanks for her life and for what she has meant for you and the family. May our faith that one day we will all be reunited forever in peace and joy, give you support during this time of loss. In Christ, Bill Moroney, M.Afr

  2. Peter Chama

    May her soul continue to rest in peace till we meet to the Lord our Creator! Peter Chama, Aspirant Missionaries of Africa.

  3. Mike Mawelera, M.Afr

    My heartfelt condolences as you mourn the death of your dear mother. I pray for you and your entire family that the Lord will console you in this difficult moment. May her Soul Rest in God’s Eternal Peace! Mike Mawelera, M.Afr

  4. Maralf Jimenez

    Take courage my brother, may the Lord grant her eternal rest and consolation to all the family, united in prayers. Maralf Jimenez, Nairobi

  5. Adrien Sawadogo, M.Afr

    All my condolences to Marc and to the whole province. God bless you all and let us remain in communion of prayer. Adrien Sawadogo, M.Afr

  6. André Simonart, M.Afr

    Fraternal condolences to Marc and his family. We thank God for Marc’s mother and pray for the grieving family. André Simonart, M.Afr

  7. Robert Lavertu, M.Afr

    Thank you for the beautiful witness about your mother. We join with you in praying for her, knowing that after such a good life she is being received in God’s company. We shall remember you and her at our community Mass. Good bye, God continue to bless you and your family. Robert Lavertu, M.Afr

  8. Jos Van Boxel, M.Afr

    I would like to offer to you and your family my sincere condolences and deep sympathy. May the Lord of all life grant her eternal happiness and peace. United in prayer, Jos Van Boxel, M.Afr

  9. Georges Lauzon, M.Afr.

    Terribly sorry to hear about the death of your dear mother. From the few words that you wrote, I am sure that she will have a place of choice in God’s kingdom. I pray for the repose of her soul and the comfort of the family. May she rest in peace! Georges Lauzon, M.Afr.

  10. Guido Stuer, M.Afr.

    I read with sadness that your beloved mother went to the Lord. From there she will stay united with you, and wait for us all. Tomorrow I go to Orval Abbey to start Lent with a few days of reflection and shall pray for your mother, you and your family. We are united. Guido Stuer, M.Afr.

  11. Patrick Bataille, M.Afr.

    Toutes mes condoléances pour le décès de la Maman de Marc. Union de prières. Fraternellement. Patrick Bataille, M.Afr.

  12. Leonard HATEGEKIMANA, M.Afr

    My condolences Marc and thanks for informing us of the death of our dear mother Monique. You are blessed to have been there when she was passing on to the Lord. May Monique peacefully rest in the bosoms of her father and our father till we meet again. Fr. Leonard HATEGEKIMANA, M.Afr

  13. Justin B. Sebakunzi, M.Afr

    Sorry to hear about the death of the mother of Marc. May she rest in the peace of the Risen Christ. Justin B. Sebakunzi, M.Afr

  14. Timothée Bationo, M.Afr

    We, the staff of the formation house newly opened in Chipata together with students are sad to hear about the death of Mum. A mother is a mother whatever age she had, in our traditions it never early for a parent to leave us. We assure you with our prayers and we shall be praying for you and all the family members, and in a special way for the soul of Maman Monique. Timothée Bationo, M.Afr

  15. Stan Lubungo

    Exemplary life, strong faith, dedication to family and welcoming… We thank the Lord for the gift she will ever be to her family and to all of us the larger family. RIP. Stan Lubungo, M.Afr

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