NO RAINSouthern Africa countries are experiencing a worried time as the rain pattern has been disrupted. Except few showers more than three weeks ago, since then, NO RAIN! Venerato Babaine is sharing his thoughts about it. Feel free to add your own thinking.

“NO RAIN!” Our mother earth is exhausted, tired and depleted. The human beings and their fellow neighbours; animals and insects have eaten all grass and cut most trees, AND POISONED WATERS. Our mother earth is suffocated by carbon, garbage, drained wetlands and pit lands. She normally would co-operate with aunt sky and uncle wind to make rain and send it to us.

Mothers are never angry to the extent of punishing children; she is just exhausted. We need to care for her so that she can care for us. The Bemba say; “Mayo mpaapa: naine nkakupaapa”, meaning; “mother care for me dearly, I will care for you in your old age.” Humanity and his fellow animals, insects and fish have turned to eat-up the mother who brought them to maturity, cared for and has been sustaining them. C’est la vérité!

2 thoughts on ““NO RAIN!”

  1. Jean-Louis Godinot

    Thanks Baba. What do we do, concretely, each one of us, in our own small ‘corner’, to fight that destruction of our mother “Nature”, to conscientise the confreres and the people with whom we live… “Akecila ka mbushi… kapyanga api kalele!” Jean-Louis (Mpundu)

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