Meeting of the Treasurers of the Society in Zambia

Treasurers meeting FENZA Dec 2015 03bThe Treasurers of the Society are meeting this week in FENZA, Lusaka, Zambia. They are going through heavy work since Monday hoping to end up in time on Friday for the final barbecue. We wish them a fruitful meeting and plenty of good ideas for the financial health of our Society.

Present: Jim Green, Jean-Guy Labrecque, Claude Venne, Diarmuid Sheehan, John Abobo, Jérôme Kodjo, Antony Baaladong, Denis Laflamme, Edmond Banda, José-Manuel Gordejuela, Didier Lemaine and Fons Vanden Boer.

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Oath and Diaconate in South Africa, November 27, 2015

neralOath Diaconate SA Nov 2015 01By Amorain Wayikpo and Jean-Paul Basikaba, Media Committee, Merrivale.

Some of the young men in the Formation House in Merrivale, South Africa, professed their final Oath on the 27th November 2015. They are six: Albert Kondemodre (Burkinabe); Alphonse-Marie Byishimo (Rwandese); Damian Ahimbisibwe (Ugandan); Douglas Ogato Momanyi (Kenyan); Konrad Simon Millanzi (Tanzanian) and Robbin Simbeye (Zambian). Rev. Father Jozef Van Boxel, 1st Assistant of the General Council presided over the Eucharistic celebration and received the missionary Oath of these young confreres who have become full members of the Society of the M.Afr. After the community Morning Prayer, as it is required in view of a diaconate ordination, the candidates confessed their faith and belief in the Roman Catholic Church. They all signed the declaration of faith as their resolute will of serving and leading the people of God according to the official teaching of the Church.

In his homily, Father Jozef Van Boxel mentioned some similarities between the Prophet Samuel’s call (Sam 3:1-10) and the missionary call. This call to serve God comes from God. It is something very personal and intimate between God and those who are called. It includes listening, discerning and answering. The preacher pointed out some basis of the missionary call found in the Gospel (Matthew 11:25-30): the importance of a disciple to have a childlike trust and confidence in God that involves obedience to God and our Superiors in carrying out God’s mission and not our own; living apostolic charity in our mission and remaining celibate for the sake of God’s kingdom.

Fr. Jozef invited the new confreres to a very deep, close and personal relationship with God through a prayerful life which is a best means of fulfilling peacefully and joyfully God’s call.

The next day, on the 28th November 2015, the six new M. Afr, joined by three other candidates namely one Dominican, Clement Mweni (Zambian) and two Sacred Heart of Jesus, Blaise Bonkondi Biane (Congolese) and Ushinde Kambale Sahani (Congolese), were ordained deacons at St. Raphael’s Parish – Kwamzimba by Most Rev. Bishop Barry Wood, Assistant Bishop of the Archdiocese of Durban.

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Ministry of Acolyte in Jerusalem

By Dominic Kapatamoyo, Malawian

IMG-20151126-WA0004Wednesday the 25th November was a great and joyful day in our Jerusalem Small Formation Group (SFG) and the entire St. Anne’s Community. Together with my three classmates: Patrick Sebyera (Congolese), Olivier Ndayikengurukiye (Burundian) and Simon Chege Njuguna (Kenyan), I took a further step with the Society of the Missionaries of Africa by renewing my Declaration of Intent and receiving the ministry of the Acolyte. It was a very beautiful celebration with about 70 participants. The Mass was celebrated by our confrere, Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald, M.Afr, who happens to be one a member of St. Anne’s Jerusalem community. 

In his homily, Archbishop Michael pointed out the meaning of being an acolyte: helping the deacon and to minister to the priest and distribute Holy Communion as an auxiliary minister. I was profoundly touched in my heart when we sang the song, “Here I am Lord, is it I Lord, I have heard you calling in the night, I will go Lord, where you lead me, I will hold your people in my heart”. Indeed, here I am Lord, I have come to do your will. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all you, especially our SAP Provincial Council who accepted me to renew my Declaration of Intent and receive the above mentioned ministry. May the Good Lord continues blessing you all and our beloved SAP Province. I thank you so much for your prayers and support in my missionary journey.

Wishing you all a good and fruitful Advent season as we wait the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us prepare our hearts to receive him well. My best regards to you all.

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