Death of the uncle of Robert Chipumbu

Robert_ChipumbuDear confreres. It’s with regret that I announce to you the death of my uncle, Mr Thaddeus Chileshe. He is the elder brother of my father. He died yesterday in Ndola where he stays. The funeral is in Mushili, Ndola near the UCZ church. Asking for your prayers. Yours, Robert Chipumbu, M.Afr

12 thoughts on “Death of the uncle of Robert Chipumbu

  1. Vigilius Kawama, M.Afr

    Dear Chips! My condolence to you! Praying for your uncle. Life is so strange sometimes. Today I just witnessed the death of our lector, announcer and chorister who even made announcements for night mass. Just to say, such is life! We need to pray for one another. God bless you and be a consolation to your family! May your Uncle Soul Rest in Perfect Peace. Vigilius Kawama, M.Afr

  2. Vickness Nangogo Muleya, M.S.O.L.A.

    Dear Robert, very sorry for the passing on of your Uncle, my condolences. Will be praying for him to have eternal peace with Lord Jesus. United in prayers, Vickness Nangogo Muleya

  3. Piet van Heijst, M.Afr

    Dear Robert, my sympathy with the death of your uncle. Together with our stagiare Jaques Natal I went to the house this morning. I found also your sister from Kitwe. I was informed that the funeral will take place tomorrow, but since tomorrow I will preside H Mass in St. Elizabeth parish, Nkwazi, I will not be able to attend the funeral. I keep him and your family in my prayers.
    Remaining united in prayer. Piet van Heijst, M.Afr

  4. Jean-Louis Godinot

    Hi Robert! I remember I met you some times ago, July I think, in Kasama. Yourself, your uncle and your family were present in my poor prayers this morning at Mass. Takuya na mabwe… On se retrouvera un jour! Mpundu Kasakula.

  5. Christopher Nkandu

    Dear Robert, we are together in prayers for the entire family that the Almighty may strengthen the faith of the family during this trying and sorrowful moment. I am aware that death is something that is beyond us and every time it occurs it seems strange and disturb our peace and it is this time to look up for consolation in the peace of Christ, who are alone the life and the resurrection. May the soul of Mr Thaddeus Chileshe rest in eternal peace.

  6. Marc Nsanzurwimo, M.Afr

    Mwaculeni mukwai. Yes indeed it is very sad to loose icikolwe. May the good Lord console you and your family in these very painful moments. Marc Nsanzurwimo, M.Afr

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