Updates on Jean Pierre Le Scour – Johannesburg

Olivedale hospital in JohannesburgYesterday morning (December 10) Jean Pierre underwent a huge cardiac operation in the Olivedale hospital in Johannesburg. Although the operation was a success, he is now very critical and is under constant observation.
It seems that the damage around his heart was much more severe than expected. This damage, his diabetes and other factors means it will be a struggle for him in his recovery.
Yesterday evening Michel Meunier visited him and administered the Sacrament of the Sick. This morning Christophe Boyer also visited and was able to communicate with him.
Although more stable than yesterday, he is in a critical condition.
We pray for his healing and wellbeing.
God bless.
Raymond McQuarry, M.Afr, Delegate Superior in South Africa

(December 15, 2015) Greetings from Johannesburg.

I write with good news about our Confrere Fr. Jean Pierre Le Scour. He is now out of ICU and resting in the normal ward. He is now able to sit up by his bed and responds well to the physiotherapist and other medical staff. He eats well and is chatting normally with visitors.

All his vital signs are now stable and doctors are happy with his progress and recovery. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

With every good wish and God bless.

Fraternally, Raymond McQuarrie, M.Afr.