Sudden passing of our little sister Memory Mwamba

Its is with sadness that I announce to you the sudden passing on yesterday of our little sister Memory Mwamba. She was the immediate young sister of our stagaire Lefterius Mwamba in Burkina. Its so sad because shortly before I left Zambia last year the immediate young sister to Memory and the last born Claire died in my arms too. Its is very heavy for the family and Lefterius as well. May we keep the family in prayers. The funeral is in Serenje. May the soul of Memory rest in eternal peace.
Francis Kangwa M.Afr

Friday, 11th December 2015

Lefterius Kalonga Mwamba 2015_JPEG“I am deeply touched by the spiritual and moral support that I have received from all of you at the occasion of the death of my beloved sister and friend Memory who was put to rest on. This moment just like the recent ones has been particularly tough for me and for our family. I would love to whole-heartedly convey a word of recognition to my home province “SAP” and to you for this gesture which has given me Hope. On behalf of our family and on my own behalf I say THANK YOU, NATASHA MUKWAI. May Our Faithful Lord Jesus bless us all.”

I received calls, emails and text messages, not forgetting WhatsApp Messages, I was reconverted in a way. Followed the informative post on the SAP blog with the touching comments.

Fraternally, Lefterius Kalonga Mwamba

12 thoughts on “Sudden passing of our little sister Memory Mwamba

  1. Filiyanus Ekka, M.Afr

    May her soul rest in peace. Lefterious my brother courage. We are United with you in prayer. Hearty condolences from mzuzu community in Malawi. We all are saddened. Let’s be United in prayer. Yours Filiyanus Ekka.

  2. Robert Lavertu, M.Afr

    We thank you for sharing the news with us, sad as it is. I wish to assure you that we are with you in you funeral, and with your family in Serenje. We pray that your little sister be received in the good Lord’s Heaven, together with so many other children who have preceded her. The good Lord loves little children, and he welcomes them in his company.
    On behalf of our community here in FENZA,
    Bye, and God bless you in your apostolate, Robert Lavertu, M.Afr

  3. Mulenga Mwenya Richard

    My condolences to the Mwambas family may the soul of our sister Memory rest in peace.
    Mulenga Mwenya Richard

  4. John mubanga

    Dear Ba shifwe, My condolence for the passing away of our little sister. May her soul rest in eternal peace of Christ.

  5. Camille Konkobo, M.Afr

    As we pray for the departed, We pray also for Lefterius here in Bobo Dioulasso. I was with him today, he is very down. In a year and half, he has lost 4 family members 2 sisters, grandmother and a cousin. May the soul of our dearest Memo rest in peace! Camille Konkobo, M.Afr

  6. Marc Nsanzurwimo, M.Afr

    Mwaculeni. It is a very sad news indeed. We pray that the Lord may console the whole family in this very painful moment. I will ring the parents and Mercy today or tomorrow. Mushipe bawesu. Marc Nsanzurwimo, M.Afr

  7. Sylvester Chimenge

    Mwaculelini shifwe; Lesa umwine uwatupele kabili ewatupokolola amalumbo no mucinshi fibe ku mwine and may her soul rest in eternal peace.

  8. Fidel Mugalihya Macara, M.Afr

    May she rest in peace and May God grant consolation to the family of Lefterius Mwamba. we are united together in prayer. Fidel Mugalihya Macara, M.Afr

  9. Richard Deschenes, M.Afr

    Dear Lefterious, dear friend, I do not know what to tell you, words are missing.
    I know that you had a very difficult journey of life since a few years, as a stagiaire and now the loss of your beloved Memory. To you, to all your family and friends I say: I keep you in my prayers.
    You know you are very important person, and I know the Lord is with you, will not let you down.
    Lefterious I will be very happy to get news from you.
    Bambo Deschenes

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