Violent death of the watchman of Sussundenga, Mozambique

Sussundenga MOZThe community of Sussundenga in the Diocese of Chimoio in Mozambique is mourning the violent death of his watchman. At 6:15 on 8th October, I saw a missed call from one of our parishioners who is a medical Doctor. I got surprised and called her back. She was very preoccupied and wanted to know if we were all inside the house. She then told me that we should not get out until the police recommends us to do so. “Your watchman was killed last night in your house”, she concluded. I immediately informed my confreres. Shortly the police called us to come out as they were at the gate. Our watchman was lying down as if he was asleep but with his mouth widely opened. His face shown marks of violence. Joaquim has passed away! Strange enough, nothing was stolen or vandalised, including our cars and motorbikes. Even the personal belongings of the watchman were left behind intact; phones, radio, lamp torch, except his gun.

We are still waiting for the Police and hospital reports. For our security, two policemen kept vigil in our house for one night. Our Joaquim left two wives and many children. His funeral took place yesterday the 9th in the morning.

Pray for us. Boris Yabre, M.Afr

4 thoughts on “Violent death of the watchman of Sussundenga, Mozambique

  1. François Xavier Bigeziki, M.Afr

    All our regards. May the bereft find consolation in the Lord.
    François Xavier Bigeziki, M.Afr

  2. André-L. Simonart, M.Afr

    We mourn with you all in Mozambique the death of Joaquin, your watchman. We pray for the eternal rest of him and remember by the Lord his two wifes and children.
    Fraternally yours, André-L. Simonart, M.Afr

  3. Jesús Zubiría, M.Afr

    We thank you very much for the information, and pray for you all: the late watchman, his family and your community. May the Lord watch over all of you with mercy.
    Yours Sincerely. Jesús Zubiría, M.Afr

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