Ordination and First Mass of Fr. John Mubanga, M.Afr

19 Kitwe_modifié-2By Peter Mutasha, Student, and Camille Konkobo, M.Afr, Vocation Director

On 6th August, the Church commemorated the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ. On this very day, the Catholic Church of Ndola Diocese elected eight deacons to the order of Melkisedek, among them our brother John Mubanga. The colourful ceremony was held at the Cathedral presided by Rt. Rev. Dr. Alick Banda, Bishop of Ndola, and concelebrated by Bishop Kasonde of Solwezi Diocese. Many priests, Religious Sisters and Brothers and seminarians were present together with the Missionaries of Africa. The liturgical celebration was magnanimous even though it was held on a working day.

In his sermon, Bishop Banda emphasized on three things which are important for one to be a good priest namely to serve God’s people by remaining in communion with the Lord, to be men of prayer and, finally, the need to meditate the Word of God.

According to the Bishop, the ordination was an “affirmation of God’s love for us” as He did to our Lord Jesus Christ at the Transfiguration.

The First Mass was held on the 9th August at St Mary’s Parish, Twatasha, in Kitwe which is the home parish of the newly ordained. Started at 10:30, the Mass ended at 15:30. The celebration was “wonderful,” with lots of joy, dancing and singing. Family members from various Churches joined in to witness the First Mass of their son. The church was packed, in and out. We were 15 M.Afr and 2 M.S.O.L.A. and few M.Afr students. There were also some other Religious who attended the thanksgiving Mass.

We wish God’s blessings on Fr. John Mubanga as he begins his mission in God’s vineyard.

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