Death of the father of our confreres Robert Tebri

Robert Tebri
Robert Tebri

Dear Confreres, students and Friends,

We wish to announce you about the sudden death of the father of our confreres Robert Tebri, Rector in Balaka. The death happened yesterday while Bob was already close to his sick father, in Ghana. Let us pray for the family and may the deceased rest in peace.

11/07/2015 updates: I wish to inform you on the funeral arrangements for the father of our brother Bob Tebril. Wake keeping (traditional) on Friday 17th July. Mass and burial: Saturday 18th July. Venue: Family compound in Doatan near Nandom town. Those who can make it, should try to go to accompany our brother, and those of you far, could keep him and his family in prayer.

Yours in sorrow Dominic Apee, GhN Provincial.

10 thoughts on “Death of the father of our confreres Robert Tebri

  1. Fraternally, Charles Obanya, M.Afr

    Kindly pass my condolences to Robert. We keep him and his family in
    prayer at this time of grief.
    Fraternally, Charles Obanya, M.Afr

  2. John C.Mubanga, M.Afr

    Received the sad News of the death of the Father of Robert Tebri. May his soul rest in eternal peace of Christ. John C.Mubanga, M.Afr in Kitwe.

  3. Bill Turnbull, M, Afr

    Dear All,
    We have received the sad news that Bob Tebri, the Rector of Lechaptois Formation House (Balaka), has lost his father. He died yesterday. May his soul rest in peace.
    Bob had just arrived in Ghana on home leave but, from what news we have received so far, we are not sure if Bob was with his father.
    Let us keep Bob, his father, mother and all his family in our prayers.
    Yours, Bill Turnbull, M, Afr

  4. John

    Dear Robert, my condolences for the passing of your father from this world to the heavenly Father. May he find eternal Rest and my prayers to you and your family members.
    Fraternally, John Itaru, M.Afr

  5. Brian Gerald Banda

    Sorry, may his soul rest in peace. May the Good Lord help the family in this time. Brian Gerald Banda

  6. Adrien Sawadogo Mamadou, M.Afr

    All my condolences to Bob and to the whole family. Communion of Prayers. Adrien Sawadogo Mamadou, M.Afr

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