Death of relatives of Felix Kamunenge and Alick Mwamba

Good Friday picture bDear Confreres,

I regret to inform you of the following.

Mr. Moses Kunda the nephew of our confrere Felix Kamunenge passed away in Samfya hospital yesterday 3rd July 2015. Felix is with the family in Samfya.

Mr. Joseph Mwamba the elder brother of our confrere Alick Mwamba passed away this afternoon 4th July 2015 at Kasama. Alick is with the family in Kasama.

Let us pray for Moses and Joseph that the good Lord will receive them and also that the two families will find meaning in this sad event.

May they rest in perfect peace.

Fraternally, Christopher Chileshe

10 thoughts on “Death of relatives of Felix Kamunenge and Alick Mwamba

  1. John Aserbire, M.Afr

    My condolences for the passing on of the close relatives of our confreres Alick and Felix. We are united with you in prayer. John Aserbire, M.Afr

  2. Bonaventure Mashata, M.Afr

    That is really sad. Two sad events one after the other. We shall keep them in prayers.
    Bonaventure Mashata, M.Afr

  3. Filiyanus Ekka, M.Afr

    I am just out of holy mass and reading the sad news. Please convey our condolence to our brothers. Let’s be united in prayer. Filiyanus Ekka, M.Afr

  4. Joseph Makoka, M.Afr

    Greetings from Aribinda Parish in the Diocese of Dori Burkina Faso. This is simply to acknowledge reception of this email expressing the sad news from Zambia. We express our sincere heartfelt condolences to the families of our dear confrères Felix Kamunenge and Alick Mwamba.
    Last Sunday 05.07.2015, at our parish, we celebrated Mass at the intention of these two families mentioned. May our dearest good Lord full of mercy and compassion welcome Mr Moses Kunda and Mr Joseph Mwamba in His Eternal Kingdom! Amen.
    Be assured of our humble prayers at your intention. May God, who is the source of all consolation, console you all in this difficult moment. Amen! Pepani! Pepani! Pepani
    Yours fraternally, Joseph Makoka, M.Afr

  5. Everisto Mwelwa, M.Afr

    Just learnt of deaths of two of our conferers’ relatives from a third party. Convey my heartfelt condolences to them.
    United in sorrow. Everisto Mwelwa, M.Afr

  6. Père André Simonart, M,Afr

    Our fraternal sympathy to Felix and Alick as well as their families. We remember the nephew of Felix and the elder brother of Alick in our prayers.
    Père André Simonart, M.Afr for the Provincial Team.

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