Death of Father Antonio José Molina Molina in Murcia, Spain – May 11, 2015

antonio_molina_molina copieFew appointments at the beginning of his missionary life in Mozambique between 1955 and 1971:

03/10/1955: Learn Portuguese in Lisbon Portugal.
01/08/1956: Curate. He studied Chisena in Murraça, Mozambique.
14/03/1958: Teacher at the Seminary in Zobue.
18/09/1958: Vocation animation in Madrid, España.
01/09/1962: Back to Mozambique.
08/07/1963: Teacher and Bursar at the Seminary in Zobue. 
25/09/1969: Teacher and Bursar at Nazaré, Beira, Mozambique.
25/05/1971: Expulsed from Mozambique.

Father Antonio died at the age of 83 years old. He was also in Brazil, Bukina Faso and Belgium before retiring in Spain. May he rest in peace!