Death of the elderly sister of Sylvester Chimenge

Sylvester-Chimenge-2015Dear Confreres and Friends,

I regret to inform you that Sylvester Chimenge lost his elder sister Mary Chansa Chanda in Kitwe (Zambia) today. This comes at a difficult time as Sylvester prepares for his oath and diaconate this coming weekend in Nairobi.

May the soul of Mary rest in perfect peace.

Christopher Chileshe, M.Afr, SAP Provincial

2015 Celebration of Oath and Diaconate – Jubilee and Renewal of Oath, Nairobi, Kenya

5 thoughts on “Death of the elderly sister of Sylvester Chimenge

  1. John Aserbire, M.Afr

    Our sympathies for the passing on of the sister of Sylvester Chimenge. This is certainly a trying time for him and his family. We accompany Sylvester and his family at this difficult time. John Aserbire, M.Afr

  2. sylvester chimenge

    Dear Confreres, friends and families of the Missionaries of Africa, I take this opportunity to thank you all for the support and encouragement you have given me especially during this period of pain after the death of my beloved elder sister. It was only by the power of your prayers that yesterday I managed to stand on the altar and promise to carry my cross and follow Jesus. My brothers and sisters, yesterday I made my final Oath in the presence of our Superior General and I was validly ordained to diaconate by His Lordship Emmanuel Barbara Bishop of Malindi. The experience of yesterday really brought back joy into my heart for, I lost my sister physically but in the same week I gained the blessings of God in abundance. As I begin the ministry of service, I need your prayers more, so that I may exercise this ministry with love and humility. wish you all the blessings of the Almighty God. Your’s in Christ’ Sylvester Chimenge.

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