Farewell Party for Father Jean-Pierre Sauge, Lusaka, Zambia

Sauge-13A farewell party took place at Woodlands, Lusaka, on the 29th April 2015 for Father Jean-Pierre Sauge who is going to his own country Switzerland for retirement. Sauge came to Zambia on 1st September 1970. With the exception of few years as Bursar at Totteridge, London, from 1999 till 2001, Sauge spent most of his missionary life in Zambia, namely at Ilondola, Mulilansolo, Chilonga, Lubushi, Serenje, Lwitikila, Kasama, Lusaka, Kolibo Centre, Regiment Parish and Lua-Luo Noviciate. His last years in Zambia were in Serenje.

Over the past 45 years, Jean-Pierre Sauge worked as a Teacher and Bursar, in vocation animation, Chaplain in secondary schools, Curate, was Councillor, Assistant Regional and Regional.

Talking about his relationship with Father Sauge, Bernhard Udelhoven mentioned that he was appointed to Ghana and then to Nigeria as his first and final appointment. As paper work for his visa was taking long, being at Kasama after his noviciate, Bernhard was encouraged to learn Chibemba. This is how he remained in Zambia. “With Sauge, there is no final decision”!

We wish Father Sauge a safe journey back home. His flight is tonight. Is it his final departure? There will always be friends and confreres happy to see him again in Zambia. But, his family members, twelve brothers and sisters still alive, are also eager to see him closer to them.

Thanks for your wonderful and fruitful missionary life in Africa. Good bye!

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5 thoughts on “Farewell Party for Father Jean-Pierre Sauge, Lusaka, Zambia

  1. John itaru

    A great missionary, a pastor, a man of God and a father who touched many souls! Very simple and humble, yet very efficient. Be always rewarded J.P. SAUGE.

  2. Timothée Bationo, M.Afr

    Thanks for the nice message that I just read about our confrere Jean Pierre. Indeed, he made it.
    In Serenje, in one way or another, he was pappy for our Mozambican students who went to learn English there.
    Many thanks and save journey to him as he is leaving tonight.
    God bless and always united in the same mission. Padre Timothée Bationo, M.Afr

  3. Julius Musonda

    He was such a blessing to us who had a privilege of staying with him. Iwill always apreciate hs hardworkng spirit. Safe trip! Julius Musonda

  4. Chewe Mwape

    He came! … to Zambia to rescue many lives from the power of Satan and for a mission.
    He saw! … different ways, principles and lifestyles of the Zambian Catholic Church.
    He conquered! … the hearts of many Catholic faithful and Zambian friends.
    And now that he his retiring after many years of service in Zambia and going back to where he came from, he has left many people heartbroken.
    Among the few good Catholic priests we have, all I can say is that Fr SAUGE, pastor of St. Peter Church in Serenje, and a former Parish Priest of St Anne parish in Kasama is one of the good shepherds, and also one of the best international priests that Zambia could have.
    He will be missed by many, no doubt at all!
    I am going to miss his very touching homilies. Fr. SAUGE (SHIKULU) was one of the best homilists that I ever witnessed during my childhood years of experience attending Mass at various Catholic churches here and my stay in Serenje. He was so present to people. He knew what life is about, it’s joys and struggles.
    Because he was a religious man of prayer, he knew what God’s love was about, full of mercy and hope, healing and filled with joy. It was a great combination for preaching — knowing God and knowing people.
    Sauge’s leadership stems from his love for God and for his parishioners. He always listened to the needs of parishioners. He was passionate in all he did within the parish and Zambia as a whole, and this was reflected in his homilies, the many ministries he stayed connected with and his interaction with the Church family.
    Now that he is retiring and going back to Switzerland , the only solace we could have is knowing that he would make a tremendous impact on another community truly deserving of his service.
    Fr Sauge had a knack for putting things together, and his presentation of homily lively, jovial and interesting. And the sense of unity that he brought to every parish he worked with also is a blessing. If we could clone SHIKULU, what a blessing for the world!
    “God gives the best to those who give God the choice!” And surely the parishioners of St. Annies Church and St Peter of serenje did receive their best choice. I am sure that SHIKULU’S good work will still live on even after he is gone.
    Everyone of us, including the parishioners, friends and well-wishers will miss his signature smile, his friendship, and above all, his Vietnamese accent (GUYS OF KOLIBO 2014 intake HOPE YOU REMEMBER THAT ACCENT)! Goodbye, Fr sauge (Practical Man)— may God bless you will forever miss you (Mwabombeni mukwai).

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