Good bye to Victor Sambari Sanou, Kasama, Zambia

Good bye to Victor 09It is for me a great opportunity to celebrate the great event of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ with my parishioners at Saint Anne`s Parish in Kasama. This very day I say good-bye to all the people I met in Kasama. At the end of my stage I am happy with my experience. I was a witness here at Saint Anne Parish. I have learnt many things from my community members and from my parishioners. I am happy to go and meet my parents, my friends in Burkina Faso, but at the same time I will miss the people I was living with in Zambia. I am touched by the affection of my people in Zambia and especially in Kasama. I will cherish their words: “Brother Victor all the best and come back please as a missionary”. Lesa mupale bonse! Victor Sambari Sanou

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The death of Amorain’s father

Amorain WayikpoOn behalf of Amorain Wayikpo, our second year candidate here in Merrivale, we inform the death of his father Jean Wayikpo who died this evening in Togo. Mr. Wayikpo’s death has just been announced by a confrere who called from Burkina Faso. The father got stroke few days ago and he has been in hospital until this evening when he passed away. Amorain is already in contact with his family and we wait for further arrangements in view of burial before buying a plane ticket. Amorain says it might take few days before the actual day of burial is announced.
Let us keep Amorain and his family in our prayers.
Fraternally, Quinbert Kinunda, M.Afr