Words of thanks of Jean-Louis Godinot to all who sent him words of encouragement.

Hand-of-Jean-Louis-March-20BJean-Louis Godinot came back to Zambia on the 13th March 2015 in good spirit and health. His surgery took place in France on the 12th January with a complete success even though he will need a second surgery late on to fix a prosthesis. At the moment, a piece of metal and some kind of ‘cement’ is holding his hand, especially his index. Jean-Louis needs a special black glove to help for blood circulation.

As you know, he was unable to use adequately Internet at home but takes this opportunity to thank all who sent him a word of encouragement and they are many.

Please, find the story on the following Internet link CrocBITE Worldwide Crocodilian Attack Database. The only thing missing is his age, only 67 years old… ready for another fight!

CrocBITE LogoSaturday, 20 December, 2014

A French missionary named Jean-Louis Godinot was attacked by a Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) while crossing the Lukulu River at approximately 3:05 PM. At this location the river was approximately 80 meters wide and upon reaching within 20 meters of the opposite shore, a crocodile (estimated to be 2-2.5 meters in length) seized Godinot’s left hand and dragged him to the river bottom (approximately 2 meters deep at this location). The crocodile apparently began rolling and Godinot pushed his index and major fingers into the crocodile’s eyes. He managed to come up twice for air but was dragged back under both times. The last time he was pulled under he was in shallow water and could stand. This allowed him to fight back more and he again gouged the crocodile’s eyes, causing it to release him. His left hand was badly damaged and he was initially treated at a hospital in Kasama before being transferred to France for surgery. Godinot states that, while at one time the African slender-snouted crocodile (Mecistops cataphractus) was present in the river, he recognized the crocodile that attacked him to be a Nile crocodile (C. niloticus).

Jean-Louis Crocs Website 2

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Some news of Jean-Louis Godinot (Mpundu) who was attacked by a crocodile in December 2014.

4 thoughts on “Words of thanks of Jean-Louis Godinot to all who sent him words of encouragement.

  1. Sawadogo Mamadou, M.Afr

    Not bad!
    That indeed Bampundu! the Mpundus have a special power. The hand is almost fine; however the index did suffer. Good to see you back Kasakula mpanga naamenshi! For another fight? No! I hope not. Don’t forget that you are a Mwamuna; so you have only three chances. You exhausted them under water; so keep off the river please. Take care Jean Louis; I am very happy to know you are back. God bless you all. I miss Zambia. You are invited to Mali. Don’t worry about terrorists, we do away with them. One is gone already!
    Greetings to all confreres
    Adrien Sawadogo, M.Afr

  2. Brian Kabaso

    Good to hear that you are ok. You are now old, the last time I met you is in 1987 I was a small boy then you touched over my head when I came to the Parish to hand in an old snap and give camera for you to repair. I really thank God that you are alive, but I cannot be surprised because then you had all the characters in you; fisherman, sniper-hunter, combato-like- the Jean Claude van Damme features enough to make you survive from the vicious allegator. We thank God for the gift in you bwana Kasakula Masonde.

  3. Peter Mwaba Mulayamba

    Have met Fr. Jean Louis Today-07 June 2016 ; he came through at Toyota Zambia. Its interesting on how he has been consistent with this story; I admire his courage & Passion to swim. The place where he was attacked by the Crock, I know it very well as we used to pass through the area searching for ‘Masuku ‘ (Wild Fruits) when I was a small boy in residing at Chilubula Mission in 1988.

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