What return can I make to the Lord for His goodness to me (Ps 116:12)?

Marc Nsanzurwimo_2012_BSome of us have read and were edified by the God of Surprises, a book written by Gerald Hughes. This is a reality I have experienced many times in my life as a missionary including a week ago.

Shortly before the end of last year, I filled my agenda up to September this year because I was due for home leave. All of the sudden I got a request from PAC (Province de l’Afrique Centrale) to go for home service. Since I knew that my name was on a waiting list as far back as 2006, there was little ground for negotiation. Consequently I reviewed my programme to make it correspond with the new situation. Easier said than done! Indeed without the help of my community, I would have missed the plane since I finished to pack up only a couple of hours before my flight.

On the other hand, my confreres and friends around Lusaka transformed what could have been an emotionally exhausting period into a merry week. Have you ever imagined a farewell party each and every day from Monday to Friday? You people are marvelously good! I was overwhelmed by your generosity, your love which was beautifully expressed in a variety of ways. I will ever be grateful to you! What the Lord has done for me, I can’t not tell it all… Just allow me to ask Him to continue blessing you abundantly. By the way you are welcome to Bujumbura!

Fraternally, Marc Nsanzurwimo, M.Afr

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