Death of the father of Martin Somda

Martin Somda 2014We heard through WhatsApp that our Stagiaire , currently in Mozambique for the Stagiaires’ meeting, that his father passed away few day ago. Already, his mother died in June 2014 in a tragic accident in Burkina Faso.

Many sent their condolences using WhatsApp such as Lowrent Thokozani Kamwamza, Julian Kasiya, Philip Meraba, Didasio Mwanza, Paul Makambi Kitha, Bonaventure Gubazire, Dominic Kapatamoyo, Willliam Turnbull, Filiyanus Ekka and Philippe Docq. Many more would have done it if using WhatsApp. But, this media network is not available to all.

In his reply, Martin wrote: “I am grateful to all of you expressing your condolences to me. It is unfortunate that I am right now off from any social network. I do not have much information to let you know but I will be going home from Mozambique (…). Once more, thanks brothers. I am using the phone of Paul Namono to thank you. Martin Somda.”

Note: Martin is in his second year stage in South Africa.

8 thoughts on “Death of the father of Martin Somda

  1. Camille Konkobo, M.Afr

    My Condolences to Martin Somda and his family. It is indeed sad that within a year both parents have gone.
    We pray for him and and ask the Lord to have mercy on their soul and grand them eternal peace!
    All my regards and support to the entire family.

  2. Sisters Our Lady of Africa

    Thanks for all he updates. Our deep condolence to Martin. It is only our Lord who can really console him and his family. We pray with him and his family. May his dad RIP.
    Matilda on behave of MSOLA in Lusaka

  3. Banda Brian Gerald

    My condolensce to Somda. May the Lord give you ans the whole family enough courage to move on in this difficult time.

  4. Kasongo Martin

    Dear Martin, receive my heartfelt condolences. My the soul of our father rest in eternal peace. Courage to you and to all the family. United in prayer. Martin Kasongo-Abidjan

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