Death of Father Louis Vielfaure, M. Afr.

Louis Vielfaure 2015 copieFather Julien Cormier, Provincial of the Americas, informs you of the death of Father Louis Vielfaure, M. Afr. He died on February 14, 2015, in Saint Boniface, Manitoba (Canada), at the age of 86 years of which 61 of missionary life in Zambia and Canada.

Let us pray for the repose of his soul.

One thought on “Death of Father Louis Vielfaure, M. Afr.

  1. Telesphore George Mpundu, Archbishop of Lusaka

    Greetings from the Pope Square! A few days ago I read in one of your communications that Fr Louis Vielfaure had died. I wish to convey to you and through you to the American Province my deepest and most sincere condolences. Fr Louis was my science teacher in the last three forms in secondary school though he had been on the staff from 1958 or 1959, several years before I entered Lubushi Minor Seminary in 1962. I left him there in 1966 when I went to Kachebere Major Seminary. After my ordination to the priesthood we served together at Lubushi Minor Seminary where he was recalled to teach in June 1974 following the tragic death of the Rector late Fr Barnabas Mushota and the subsequent insistence of his emergency successor Fr Papineau, that Louis should be brought back to teach Science, till 1977 when I left for studies in Canada.
    When I was appointed and ordained bishop of Mbala in June 1987 he was our Diocesan Treasurer General assisted by late Fr Charles Mangin till 1993 when he opted to go to Lwitikila as chaplain to the Girls Secondary School there. He, with Fr Ray Fortin, were indeed my “Fathers in Faith” who graduated me from being their student to their colleague and bishop in the ministry.
    Telesphore George Mpundu, Archbishop of Lusaka

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