Tragic death of Bishop Rt. Rev. Joseph Mkasa Zuza in Mzuzu, Malawi

Rt. Rev. Martin Mtumbuka and Rt. Rev. Joseph Mkasa Zuza
Rt. Rev. Martin Mtumbuka and Rt. Rev. Joseph Mkasa Zuza

Dear All,
I just received the sad news from Filiyanus Ekka that Bishop Zuza died earlier this afternoon.
Filiyanus, one of our confrères, was travelling back to Mzuzu from Lilongwe by bus when he saw the bishop’s car by the side of the road.  He got the driver to stop.  Found that the bishop had had some sort of accident and was thrown out of the car. It appears the car had rolled and was in the ditch.
Filiyanus-Samson-Richard-Ch - CopyFiliyanus managed to phone Richard Dery, our stagiaire in Mzuzu, and somehow arranged transport to take him to St John’s Hospital Mzuzu.  The bishop was conscious all the way and was talking.  From what  said he died in his arms in the hospital.
The details of what happened are not clear.  Filiyanus is still in shock and is at the hospital.
Let us keep Bishop Zuza in our prayers.  He was a great friend of the White Fathers and will be sadly missed by everyone.  May he rest in peace.
Will keep you updated on what happens.
Yours, William Turnbull, Delegate Superior, Malawi

12 thoughts on “Tragic death of Bishop Rt. Rev. Joseph Mkasa Zuza in Mzuzu, Malawi

  1. Theresa C. C. Sikateyo, Lusaka, Zambia

    Our deepest condolences to the community and Malawi church. The Sikateyo family had a nice memorable encounter with him in December 2013 during Holy Family day. We were invited in Malawi at Bowe Parish for this Holy Family Celebration and he was the main celebrant. We dinned with him and he had a good with each of our children. We had a wonderful time with him, so joyous, friendly. Our Children liked him so much and have received the news of his death with great sadness.
    May his soul rest in peace

  2. Fr Patrick O'Malley Pádraig Ó Máille

    The sad news from Mzuzu of the tragic death of their bishop comes as a great shock to all who knew him. Joseph Zuza was a young student when I came to Malawi in 1970. It was my good fortune to be appointed to work in St Theresa’s Parish, Katete, PO Champira. Every month I visited Bishop Zuza’s village and the first people I got to know there were his extended family: his grandparents were still alive. His grandfather came regularly to the station house where I stayed over the week ends. He helped master Chitumbuka, the local language and educated me on the history of the village and on his own travels. Joseph’s parents were leading members of the local church committee and over the years we became very good friends. I rejoiced with them as they watched their children grow up and I shared their pride when their son, Joseph, was ordained a priest in the Diocese.

    Separated now by the years and the distance I share in the shock and grief of Joseph’s extended family and of his diocesan family of which I was once a member and which I still treasure in memory. May he rest in peace: I pray our traditional Irish prayer: Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam uasal: Kuti mzimu wake wakuzirwa wakhale ku maryero kwa Chiuta.


    Bambo Patrick O’Malley

  3. Pello, M.Afr

    Merci pour nous donner des détails de la mort de Mgr Zuza. Louons le Seigneur pour sa vie et qu’il repose en paix. Pace e bene. Pello, M.Afr

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  5. Sister T. Chimwemwe Mgangira, Msola,

    It was with sadness that I learnt of the death of our dear Bishop Zuza last night. I heard it first from our Sister Anna Massawe last night and then your email to Father Serge which was forwarded to us. We prayed for him in a very special way. He will be greatly missed, he was a great person, courageous and a great example to the church in Malawi. Not afraid to challenge the injustices in the country. A real man of God. May he rest in peace.
    God bless and pepani ndithu.
    Sister T. Chimwemwe Mgangira Msola, Lusaka community

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