Newborn in the village, article published in The Tablet 20/27 December 2014

New born in the villageEvery country has its own traditions and ways of celebrating the feast of Christmas, and in Catholic Churches all over the world the very same readings will be read at the Christmas Masses. However, the way the liturgy is celebrated will vary from culture to culture.

In Malawi, for example, the liturgy may include an imaginative combination of dance, songs and drumbeat with diverse and creative costumes and structures build in the sanctuary. Mua is a parish located in the Central Region of Malawi, the first mission established by the Missionaries of Africa in the country just over 100 years ago.


The author of the article, Richard Hewitt, is a classic teacher and he sits on the advisory board of Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art, which aim to celebrate the wealth of Malawi’s culture and artistic inheritance.

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