Jubilees of confreres who were or still are in SAP – 2015

Oswald Payant 100 years 0275 years of Oath

1940-06-22 Fr. Payant Oswald, Canada/Sherbrooke – was in Mansa

65 years of Oath

1950-06-27 Fr. Bédard Gaétan Canada/Montréal – was in Kasama.

1950-06-27 Fr. Fitzgerald Patrick, Great Britain/London – was in Lusaka.

1950-06-27 Fr. Genest Pierre, Canada/Montréal – was in Dedza Diocese, Malawi.

1950-06-27 Fr. Piette Luc, Canada/Montréal – was in South Africa.

1950-06-27 Fr. Poisson Bernard, France/Billère – was in Kasama.

50 years of Oath

1965-01-28 Fr. Amyot d’Inville Jacques, France/Paris, Friant – was in Mansa and South Africa.

1965-02-01 Fr. Gouiller Jean-Luc, France/SAP/Zmb/Kalongwezi – is still in Zambia, Chipata.

1965-02-01 Fr. Hoffmann Felix, Germany/Trier – was in Mbalaé

1965-06-28 Fr. Tillmann Ferdinand, Germany/EAP/Uga/Ggaba.

1965-06-29 Fr. Richard François, France/MG/Roma – was in Zambia, FENZA.

25 years of Oath

1990-12-07 Fr. Bomansaan Francis, Ghana/SAP/Zmb – is in Kasama.

1990-12-07 Fr. Gasimba Raphaël, DR Congo/EPO/Jérusalem – was in South Africa.

Julain_Kasiya_21990-12-07 Fr. Kasiya Julian, Malawi/SAP/Mwi/Mua – is moving to Mozambique.

1990-12-07 Fr. Mapunda Baptiste,Tanzania/Ghana/Wa – was in Zambia.

1990-12-07 Fr. Mumbi Patrick Zambia/SAP/Lusaka, FENZA

1990-12-07 Fr. Wernke Bernhard, Germany/SAP/Moz/Dombe.

1990-12-15 Fr. Apee Dominic, Ghana/Tamale – was in Zambia.

2 thoughts on “Jubilees of confreres who were or still are in SAP – 2015

  1. Samson

    I live in South Africa in Lebombo parish I am looking for Fr Jacques Amyot d’Inville who was originally from France Paris May I say hello to him one day please!

    1. mafrsaprovince

      Your message was finally sent to Father d’Inville. Hopefully, he will reply to you according to his will. I am sure he will be happy to hear from you.

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