Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby) Hits Philippines

Typhoon-HagupitGreetings from Philippines, 

Our area, Masbate will be terribly affected by the Typhoon. The eye will be about 2 km from Masbate City. 

We are now experiencing very strong winds of about 175 km expected to increase more and more.  Flights and all traveling has been cancelled. The sky is so dark, heavy rains and buildings and trees, rice, banana fields etc. are being uprooted or falling in some places. Electricity cut and water affected. Relief food, medicines are already on the way.  So far we are safe here in our place. But you can’t go out, it’s bad. By 11.00 am the Typhoon is expected to fall on our place. The typhoon will only reach Masbate in 3 hours time, heading towards Manila-expecting the worst impact- but it is already bad and catastrophic, the effects. Will update you as the time goes. Many people around have been evacuated. People will have no food, shelter etc.
Please pray for the Philippines in your Masses Today. 

Fraternally Yours,

Phelim Malumo, M.Afr

4 thoughts on “Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby) Hits Philippines

  1. Fr Phelim. It’s good you posted it here so other people from other parts of the world will also be aware of this “regular” visitor of our country. United in prayers esp for those who are directly affected.

  2. Dave Cullen, M.Afr.

    Dear Phelim,
    Good to hear from you, especially your settling down well there, though less good news about the typhoon that we are seeing a lot about on the world news. I hope that it did not hit you as badly as it might have done.
    With every best wish and may your experience there be a very fruitful one, Dave Cullen

  3. Jacques Bédard, M.Afr.

    Dear Phelim,
    Many thanks for your articles. I was happy to read about your new appointment. I am sure that you will be able to help many who need to be helped. I wish you a fruitful time in the Philippines.
    It is bad news for the victims of the Typhoon Hagupit; many of them were still suffering from the former typhoon. In Sherbrooke, the confreres had helped with some money. We will pray for the victims.
    Greetings to all. Fraternally,
    Jacques Bédard, M.Afr

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