Burial ceremony of Archbishop James Spaita, Kasama, Zambia

James-Spaita copieA vigil Mass for Archbishop James Spaita took place on Thursday 6th November 2014 at 18 hours, in the Cathedral of St Johns, Kasama. The Funeral Mass and burial was at the Cathedral of St. Johns, Kasama on Friday 7th November.
Let us all join together in praying for this great pastor and servant of God in the Zambian Church.
May he rest in perfect peace.
Christopher Chileshe, M.Afr
Saturday Post
Kasama Diocese Archbishop Ignatius Chama urges politicians not to tear Zambia apart –
By Salim Dawood in Kasama   |   Updated: 08 Nov, 2014
Archbishop Ignatius Chama copieDo not tear the country to pieces because of the desire to become president, Kasama Diocese Archbishop Ignatius Chama has told politicians. Speaking during the burial ceremony of Archbishop James Spaita at St John’s Catholic grounds yesterday, Archbishop Chama said the country could only be ruled by one elected person at a time. “Now let me turn to my friends, the politicians, I appeal to you to lead us in common desire to be ruled by an elected president after the death of Michael Sata, the president of our country,” he said. “The country can only be ruled by one candidate at a time, so allow us to have a president that is elected in a peaceful, free and fair election without tearing this country into pieces.” Archbishop Chama said politicians must allow eligible Zambians to vote for a candidate they wanted without intimidation. Archbishop Chama also thanked the government for the support during the funeral of Archbishop Spaita.  And speaking on behalf of government, home affairs minister Dr Ngosa Simbyakula described the death of Archbishop Spaita as a double tragedy because of the death of president Sata. “Government deeply mourns the late Archbishop whose death came to us with deep shock. We shall miss him as a caring shepherd for his priests and Christians in Kasama and the country. We interacted well with him and took advice from him on many issues concerning the development of the country,” said Dr Simbyakula. Archbishop Spaita who died on November 4 aged 80 was buried yesterday within the St John’s Catholic grounds. Among those who attended the burial were mines minister Christopher Yaluma, commerce deputy minister Miles Sampa, Eastern Province minister Malozo Sichone and his Northern Province counterpart Freedom Sikazwe. Others were FDD president Edith Nawakwi, ABZ president Frank Bwalya, NRP president Cosmo Mumba, Kasama member or parliament, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and his Kabwata counterpart Given Lubinda. Meanwhile, Sampa and 11 others, including this reporter, were yesterday forced to make an emergency landing after their chartered plane developed a mechanical fault mid-air. The Lusaka-bound plane was returning from Kasama where government officials attended Archbishop Spaita’s burial. The pilot Steven Terblance said he was not sure what caused the fault as nothing of that nature had ever occurred in his seven-year flying experience. One of the engines on the Nkwazi Air-charter aircraft failed 10 minutes after take-off from Kasama Airport. After realising the failure, the pilot U-turned to Kasama on one engine where he made an emergency landing. Those on the plane included Lusaka lawyer Anthony Kasolo, Cosmo Mumba and some journalists.
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Ongoing construction at the Preparatory Centre in Chipata, Zambia Updates November 2014

Prephase Chipata 06-11-2014 09 - CopyOngoing construction at the Preparatory Centre in Chipata, Zambia. Updates November 2014 in pictures.

Looking around; René Garand and Jean-Luc Gouiller.

See also the surrounding hills. Nice view indeed!

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Ongoing construction at the Preparatory Centre in Chipata, Zambia
Ground work at the Preparatory Centre in Chipata, Zambia

Dave Cullen; Hospital Chaplain in Chipata

Dave Cullen - Chipata Hospital 2014 06 copieDave Cullen is currently the Hospital Chaplain in Chipata, doing a remarkable work every day in the afternoon walking throughout the wards to pray with the sick. The establishment looks pretty good and large. Dave updates his list of sick patients and provides spiritual assistance with the help of Patricia, a lay volunteer. Here are some pictures of Dave in action moving up and down the aisles and stairs of the hospital.
Thanks to you Dave for your beautiful ministry.

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Kalongwezi community as it has been during the last years

Kalongwezi community 2014Henk van Kessek 2014 JPGDuring the last years, we have most of the time been four or five members in the Kalongwezi community. Henk van Kessel, Dutch, 88 years old, is the unwearied and uncontested Archivist of the Diocese. He has also been the Chicewa/Chinyanja language professor for quite a long time, a job which regularly bounces back.
Dave Cullen 2014 PNGAfter the departure of Edgar Pillet in 2012, at 78, for retirement in France, Dave Cullen, English, of the same age, came to replace him as Chaplain of the Regional Hospital nearby, and, like Edgar also, he gives a help to the Marriage Encounter groups. He also does some visits to the local Prison. Both Henk and Dave go to St Monica’s Secondary School for Masses during the week.
Jean-Luc Gouiller 2014 JPGJean-Luc Gouiller, 78, French, who is linked with some groups of the Christian Agricultural and Rural Adult Movement. He has also been asked to update the demarcations and the title deeds of the various places held by the Diocese of Chipata throughout the Province, a work very much tied with the delicate land issue. He also takes part in some vocation work as do the other members of the community.
Joe McMeninmem 2014 JPGJoe Mc Menamin, Irish, 74, joined us after several years of missionary animation in Ireland. He replaced Edgar Pillet who was also a curate at the Mary Mother of God Parish of Nabvutika, a big compound of Chipata. After some time Joe became and still is the Parish Priest of that very parish.
Halen Kerketta  2014 JPGThe stagiaire Halen Kerketta, from India, is finishing his first year of Stage. He has some activities with the Youth Team of the Diocese and some others in Nabvutika Parish.
René-Garand-2014 JPGBrother René Garand, coming from South Africa, is joining the community and will supervise or follow up the construction work on the site of the new Preformation Centre.

Need good legs to be the Parish Priest of Nabvutika! Zambia

Nabvutika 2014 15By Fr.  Serge St-Arneault, M.Afr  
Mary Mother of God Parish is situated at Nabvutika (the name means, “I suffer”) a very poor compound on the northwest outskirt of Chipata. Zambia.
About 15000 people live there without any land or the possibility of having even a vegetable garden. The soil is rocky and the slope of the mountain nearby is unproductive. Everyone needs to find ways to get some income to survive. Side roads and local markets are full of vendors selling vegetable, charcoal, etc. brought from Malawi through the mountains and other areas. Life is tough, especially for sick and old people. The town of Chipata, which hopes to become a ‘city’, provides electricity and water for those who can afford but no health clinic is available.
I was privileged to walk around part of the compound with Fr Joe Mc Menamin the Parish Priest and a group of dedicated women. The compound starts from the crossing gate leading to the church. The last remaining few hundred meters or so of the road leading to town is in bad condition and impassable during the rain season. Soon, we entered into a house to greet an old women who is partially paralysed following a stroke. Then, we move on through small and crooked paths to greet more people.
 The houses are small and poorly constructed. The Parish is involved in building a house for poor widows; a pre-school and clinic for the people in the compound. From there, we stopped at Anastasio Kolowa Banda’s house; a tiny shack with thatch roof. Old but quite alert, Anastasio, having lived some years in Tanzania speaks Kiswahili better than the local language. We exchanged few words in Swahili to the amazement of the women walking with us.
After a long stride, just before going back to the church, we stopped to see Maria Kabwe, Bemba speaker. I fell on my back while trying to sit on a small stool put on the slight slope facing Amai Maria. The neighbour quickly brought me a chair. Greeting her was very nice. Her vision is restricted because of cataracts but her mind is clear and her character cheerful. She like so many others is totally dependent on the St Vincent de Paul organization for material support, food etc.
 Joe walks through the compound each and every day. Indeed, he needs good legs to be the Parish Priest of Nabvutika. His mission is challenging and inspiring. He is assisted by a diocesan priest for weekdays and Sunday Masses.
Situated at ten kilometres from the new Formation Centre for the Missionaries of Africa, Nabvutika offers an ideal place for pastoral work for forthcoming candidates of the Missionaries of Africa.

Many thanks to Joe, a truly good fellow … with good legs!

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