About the death of the mother of Claudio Zuccala

Claudio Zuccala 2013We have received a great number of messages from all over the world. Thanks for your prayers. Only that a slight misunderstanding might have occurred. Indeed, the one who died is the mother of our confrere Claudio Zuccala even though the news appeared on my personal Facebook page which is posting the news appearing on the Southern Africa Province (SAP) Blog. Please, look also at the following link:
As indicated below, the funeral is taking place today the 30th October. I have forwarded to Father Zuccala all your kind words of sympathy. May God bless you all for your kindness and love!
On behalf of Father Claudio Zuccala, I am grateful for your prayers and words of encouragement.
Here is the message of Father Zuccala sent yesterday night:
I arrived yesterday morning (28th October) on a beautiful late autumn day, with the sun brightening the snow-capped mountain tops and a touch of frost on the ground.
The sun was shining bright by the time I reached the village perched on a mountain top where my mum lived. She looked very serene, almost smiling and I felt a sudden rush of consolation in spite of the deep sadness which had nested in my heart since I heard the bad news.
It’s been very hectic at home with lots of friends, family members and acquaintances coming to say a prayer and to pay their last visit to mother and to express their condolences to my sister and me. Her gentleness, simplicity and readiness to help which have been the trademark of all her life has produced this kind of overwhelming response.
Tomorrow (30th) we’ll celebrate her funeral and lay her to rest in the tiny parish cemetery overlooking the valley below.
United in prayer,
Claudio Zuccala, M.Afr

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