Death of the mother of Claudio Zuccala

Mother of Claudio Zuccala copieIt’s with great sadness that I let you know about my mother’s death which occurred this morning as I was praying for her at Mass in a community of Sisters where I was giving a recollection.
Mum was taken to hospital on Friday morning by my sister (there is just the two of us in our family) because of some persisting vomiting. The doctors found an intestinal obstruction which they proceeded to remove on the same day. Yesterday she had a quiet and restful day. Something went wrong in the early hours of this morning and she passed away peacefully. She turned 82 last September. I am flight tomorrow for the funeral.
Keep us in your prayers. Claudio Zuccala, M.Afr

14 thoughts on “Death of the mother of Claudio Zuccala

  1. Adrien Sawadogo, M.Afr.

    My deep and sincere condolences to Claudio and his sister and close friends and relatives. May she rest in eternal Peace. United in prayer.

    1. Mike Mawelera

      My sincere condolences to you Claudio for the death of your dear mother. I am with you in your sorrow. May she rest in God’s eternal peace!

  2. Dave Cullen, M.Afr.

    May indeed Claudio’s mother rest in peace. My prayers are being offered for her as for all the grieving family.

  3. Joe McMenamim, M.Afr.

    Very sad news! I am united with you in your sorrow and in my prayers. My sincerest condolences. May she rest in Peace.

  4. Jean-Louis Godinot, M.Afr.

    Dear Claudio,
    Very sorry for the loss of your mother. She is gone where we are all going one day, waiting for the final and joyful ‘retrouvailles’. I lost my mother in July last year, she was 10 years more than your mother. But it was time for her to go, she was so weak… At 82, nowadays, we can hope to go further… and the death of your mother was quite sudden. I do not know if your father is still alive. You say your sister is there. I keep a very good souvenir of you when you were in Zambia. A direct man, with whom we knew where to stand, like Nicodemus, and that, I appreciate very much. I will offer the mass of to morrow for your mother whom I have never seen, but known a bit because you are her son and she gave you so much…
    Ton grand frère,
    Jean-Louis Godinot, (called Mpundu),
    SFC Kasama.

  5. Joseph Makoka, M.Afr.

    Greetings from Burkinafaso,
    Our sincere condolences to the entire family and friends of our dear confrere Claudio for the passing on of his mother.
    We are united in prayers. May our dear good and merciful God welcome the mother of Claudio Zuccala in His Eternal Kingdom. Amen!
    Pepani! Pepani! Pepani!
    Joseph Francis MAKOKA (M.Afr)

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  7. Jesús Zubiría, M.Afr

    Please, convey my heartfelt condolences to Claudio. I learned about his mother’s death through the Sector Delegate’s office. I have informed other “former Mozambicans”, and we are keeping Claudio and his mother in our prayers. May she rest in peace, and may Claudio find the compassion and support he needs in this painful situation.
    Yours sincerely in the same Lord and the same Mission.
    Jesús Zubiría

  8. Clyde

    Sorry to hear about the death of your Mother, Claudio. I will always remember her visit with your father and sister during the deaconate. May she rest in peace. Clyde

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