50th Independence Anniversary Honours and Awards.

Golden Jubelee MedalAccording to the exercise of powers contained in Article 44 (2) (f) of the Constitution of Zambia, Lusaka Province Minister Philip Kosamu, on behalf of His Excellency the President Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata, conferred the 50th Independence Anniversary Medals to 1356 freedom fighters, ex-service chiefs, traditional leaders and other Zambians and distinguish individuals. This First Ever Special Single Class Golden Jubilee Medal function took place on 23rd October 2014 at Mika Convention Centre.

Among those who received a medal are five Missionaries of Africa:

  • Bishop Adolf Joseph Paul Furstenberg, German (1909 – 1988)
  • Father Jean Jacques Corbeil, Canadian (1914 – 1990)
  • Father Bernard Poisson, French, born in 1926, currently in Billère, France
  • Father Claude Galmiche, French, born in 1925, currently in Tassy, France
  • And Bishop René Pailloux, French, (1903 – 1988)

Father Oswald Mallya received the medals on behalf of our confreres. With them, we are honored and grateful to the Government of Zambia for this recognition.

Bernard Poisson 2014Claude Galmiche 2014 B copie

Distinction Poisson

5 thoughts on “50th Independence Anniversary Honours and Awards.

  1. Clenerius Mutale, M.Afr.

    I am happy that among the honored people there are great missionaries like Bishop Adolf Joseph Paul Furstenberg (I was him when I was very young), Father Jean Jacques Corbeil, Father Bernard Poisson (whom I have seen), Father Claude Galmiche (known to me), And Bishop René Pailloux. Indeed there are just a symbol of many more great missionaries who worked tirelessly in Zambia.

  2. Sr Ann Kelly fmdm

    Congratulations on the honour bestowed on your confreres. I knew Fr Corbeil in his museum. We used to say that HE WAS the museum because of his wonderful stories attached to every item he had collected. Fr Poisson used to visit us in Lubwe from Chilubi Island. Our Lady saved him from drowning on Lake Bangwelo when he was left hanging on to a floating island of reeds. Bishop Pailloux was my first Bishop when I arrived in Zambia in 1969. On one occasion his bicycle which he used to travel around in was stolen. Instead of getting upset with the thief his reaction was to say, “he probably needed it more than me”, and he let it be. What an example of inner freedom! They were all great missionaries and it was a privilege to know them.

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