News from two or our former stagiaires – Canisius Bindaba and Stephen Kajay

Canisius Bindaba 2014Canisius Bindaba was celebrating recently his 31st birthday and sent us a word from Burundi. He made his apostolic training (stage) in Kasamba, Zambia, in 2010 up to 2012. Here below his message from home.
 Thank you a lot ba Father. 
It is a great pleasure to receive a message from your part of the world, especially from my great White Fathers family. I am in Burundi since I left Zambia. I got a job in the telecom as a corporate Supervisor. I also initiated a wide program for setting up youth communities with the aim of creating development community projects. The vision is intended to sustain social cohesion, peace consolidation and integral development based on tangible and concrete initiatives.
I intend to create a vocational job training centre where those guys could come for Internet research or get some practical courses to respond to the requests of the created youth communities. It sounds a bit silly but I pray hard to see my dreams coming true one day.
Even though I have left my formation with the Missionaries of Africa, I am always moved from within when I find news about the missionaries.
May the Good Lord be with you all!
Please pray for this dream of mine so that God may be praised in what I wish to achieve for the rest of my life. I really want to do something that would make a difference in a similar way as I was expecting to do with the Society of the M.Afr.
Lesa atupale amate!
Best regards!
Canisius Bindaba
Stephen Kajay was a stagiaire in Mua, Malawi, in 2008. He is now married with Amala Jothi and happy to be the father of a beautiful girl called Julie Vimal. The family lives in Chennai, India.
“I am writing this mail to inform you about the baptism for my daughter that was held on 14th September 2014. I am very thankful to Father Johnson Singarajan, M.Afr who baptised my daughter. Years ago, we joined together the M.Afr although we are traveling now in different directions. He is the one honouring the old promise that we made when we were at S.O.L.A. Candidates’ House in Bangalore. He really made the Sunday celebration wonderful and we had a long exchange. It was really nice spending time with him. I have attached the photos of the baptism. Once again, thank you for your prayers.​”
Stephen Kajay

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2 thoughts on “News from two or our former stagiaires – Canisius Bindaba and Stephen Kajay

  1. Pam

    Reading these 2 letters inspires me a lot and i realized the value of keeping in touch with the people we have met in the past, people we have connected to and that have touched our lives somehow. How valuable friendship is and important it is to stay connected with family and friends. I really appreciate the wonderful gesture of love of these 2 men, I will pray for both of you though I don’t know you 🙂

  2. Stephenkajay

    Hi, Am happy to read my letter one small correction my daughter name is Josephine Yazhini (Julie vimal is my sister). Am happy to be a family of Mafr.

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