JPIC-ED Bulletin No 16 – October – November 2014

Bulletin Oct-Nov 2014Pilgrimage Spirituality. A Journey into Liminarity
The feast of Eid-ul-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice), the feast par excellence for the Muslims (Eid-al-Kabîr), in remembrance of the Sacrifice of Abraham, was celebrated on the 4th October 2014. Thousands of Muslims from all over the world made a pilgrimage (al-hajj) to fulfil one of the five pillars of Islam. What a blessed coincidence that it fell on the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, a saint for the promotion of interreligious dialogue!
Today, many believers living in multi-faith contexts are searching for a spirituality that can help them to ‘come closer’ to their fellow human pilgrims and in a special way to believers of other faiths with whom they share so much in common. Pilgrimage spirituality which is taught and practiced in different religions could be a major contribution to such a spirituality promoting inter-faith peaceful and constructive co-existence.
Speaking about pilgrimage, the anthropologist V. William TURNER says: “A pilgrimage liberates a person from the obligatory everyday constraints of status and role, also from our personal stories, our personal triumphs and defeats, and we are enabled to become ourselves again in a new model of human brotherhood. It is a journey into LIMINARITY, where we will acquire new insights about life, about mission, about God, others and ourselves.”
Is this ‘journey into liminarity’ not the journey that Abraham, our father in faith, obediently took in response to God’s command as narrated in the Bible: “Leave your country, your family and your father’s house for the land I will show you.” (Gen 12: 1)? Isn’t it the same journey we have to take in order to build a ‘new model of human brotherhood’ in our globalised indifference and violence?
Nnyombi Richard, M.Afr
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Synod on the family (5th – 19th October 2014)
Visit of Pope Francis to Turkey (28th – 30th November 2014)
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