Departure of Francis Kangwa to Katakwi in Uganda.

Katakwi Uganda 01Francis Kangwa 04Francis Kangwa has left Lusaka this morning going to Uganda, more specifically to Katakwi in the Diocese of Soroti. It will be his first experience in that part of the world. Being asked what would be his mission over there, he answered: “It is a challenging one first and foremost the language will be new and the environment seems tough. But I am ready as it is really missionary area.”
We wish him good and fruitful mission in his new home at Katakwi. Francis was the Vocation Director in Zambia for the past six years. Many thanks to you Francis for your wonderful work done in your home country as many youths were touched by your joyful faith. We hope to hear from you again soon.

6 thoughts on “Departure of Francis Kangwa to Katakwi in Uganda.

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  2. Chewe Mwape

    Wishing you all the best in your Mission, may God enlighten you in all what you do, I pray that one day will meet again surely am inspired by your simple lifestyle.

  3. marcel Boivin

    Mjukuu, sijui kama utapata barua hii, lakini unvyoona sijakusahau, Hongera kwa kukubali appointment ngumu kama Katakwi.

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