Oswald Payant’s 100th birthday

Oswald Payant 100 years 02I’m just back from the celebration of Oswald Payant’s 100th birthday. He was in a rather good shape, following everything, smiling, praying with the whole community, very happy to see so many of his nephews and nieces and all the guests that were there including a real large number of confreres. Oswald’s birthday took place on the 7th September on the very day of his birthday.
Greetings to all and God bless.
Gilles Barrette, M.Afr
Pictures from Denis Laliberté, M.Afr

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4 thoughts on “Oswald Payant’s 100th birthday

  1. Chalo Mwimba

    Wow wow, he is 100 years! He worked so well in Luapula, Zambia and worked with my (late father, Bruno Mwimba). We called him KASAKULA MASONDE, one who meaning ‘one who builds homes in the wilderness’ implying that he will bring a solution to problem even if that problem is in the deep forest. He pioneered construction of fish ponds (fish farming), the ponds are used today to feed the family. That is his legacy.

  2. Sr Ann Kelly fmdm

    Congratulations Ba Father Payanti on your 100th birthday. I am grateful for all the many years that that I worked with you in Mansa Diocese Sr Sarah Jordan is only a few months behind you as she will be 100 on December 2nd. She remembers you well. May God bless you abundantly and keep you in peace and joy. I hope someone will pass this message on to you.

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